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Mattress Disposal 101

mattress disposalMattress disposal is not something we think about daily. There comes a time in every mattress’s life when it needs to be put out to pasture. It’s not always easy to point out when the time has come, but there are a few telltale signs. For example, if your mattress is lumpy, stained, or starting to develop mildew, it’s probably time for a new one.

Besides the visually obvious signs, your mattress may give you some physical cues that it’s time for a replacement. For example, if you wake up with aches and pains or don’t feel as well-rested as you used to, it might be the right time to let this one go.

But how do you dispose of something as bulky and awkward as a mattress? You can’t just leave it on the veranda with the rest of your waste, and you definitely can’t burn it (don’t even think). So then, what’s the best way to get rid of an old mattress?

Here are a few mattress disposal tips:

The Do’s of Mattress Disposal

You might be in a rush to put this old, stained, lumpy mattress behind you, but it’s essential to do things the right way. If you’re not careful, you could end up doing more harm than good. So here are some “right” ways of mattress disposal.

Check for Mattress Disposal Regulations:

Research to see if your municipality has any specific mattress disposal regulations. For example, there may be certain days or weeks when you’re allowed to put it out with the rest of your waste, or there may be a particular mattress disposal facility that you need to use.

You must always err on caution and find out for sure rather than just winging it and hoping for the best.

Find a Local Mattress Disposal Recycling Facility:

If you can’t digest the thought of your mattress taking up space in a landfill, there may be a mattress recycling facility near you. It is practical if you want to do something good for the environment.
The recycling facility will be able to break down your mattress and recycle the materials. It includes wood, steel, and cotton. In addition, carpet padding, insulation, and pet beds are all useful things that can be made from an old mattress.

Donate Your Mattress:

What’s the condition of your mattress? Is it still in good shape? If so, you could donate it to a local charity or thrift store. It is better to help someone in need than to just dump it in a landfill.
Many people and families would love a mattress, even if it’s not brand new. However, ensure you’re not giving away a mattress that’s too old or in poor condition. No one wants to sleep on a mildew-y mattress. Plus, you don’t want to be a cause of someone else’s back pain.mattress disposal

Check if the Retailer Offers Exchange or Recycling Programs:

When you buy a new mattress, some retailers will offer to take away your old one. They may even have a mattress recycling program, so you can feel good about your mattress not ending up in a landfill.

Of course, this option may only be available if you buy a new mattress. But if you are, it’s worth checking to see if your retailer has any deals. Currently, North America has about 50 mattress recycling facilities. We love this article The Mattress Landfill Crisis recycling nightmare.

Sell Your Mattress:

Sometimes, we have a decent mattress, but we need an upgrade. Maybe you’re moving and downsizing, or perhaps you finally saved enough money for that luxury mattress you’ve been eyeing. Whatever the case, selling your mattress is a great way to get rid of it.

You could put it on Craigslist, have a garage sale, or use Facebook Marketplace. Just make sure you take some good pictures and write a detailed description. No one wants to buy a mattress sight unseen. 

The Don’ts of Mattress Disposal

Just like there are right ways to dispose of a mattress, there are also wrong ways. These methods might be easier or faster, but they’re not better for you or the environment. So, here are some mattress disposal no-nos:

Don’t Just Dump It:

We know, we know. It’s tempting to just drive your mattress out to the woods and leave it there. But that’s not only illegal; it’s also bad for the environment.

Mattresses are made of materials that can harm the environment, like chemicals, plastics, and metals. Plus, they’re big and bulky, so they can take up a lot of landfill space.

Don’t Burn It:

Have your wildest mattress bonfire fantasies come to an abrupt halt. Like dumping your mattress, burning it is illegal in many states.

And even if it wasn’t, it’s still a terrible idea. Burning mattress foam releases harmful toxins into the air, which can be dangerous for you and your family. You might also contribute to the greenhouse effect, which is not good for the environment. For more information about the environmental effects read our blog post titled: Landfills are they bad for the environment?

Don’t Leave Your Mattress on the Curb:

Don’t leave your mattress on the curb unless you want the rodents, bugs, and other critters in your neighborhood to have a field day.

We know you might think some angelic Good Samaritan will come and take your mattress to a better place. But it’ll likely end up in a landfill anyway. And for as long as it is the preverbal “decorative piece” on your curb, it’ll be an unpleasant sight for you and your neighbors. Oh, and the littering fines are never fun to pay.

Final Thoughts:

Disposing of a mattress correctly is a part of waste management. And while it might seem like a disconcerting task, there are quite a few options available to you.

Just remember to avoid illegal methods, be mindful of your mattress condition, and try to reuse or recycle it whenever possible. Your wallet and the environment will love you for it!

If you’re looking for ideas, you could craft a mattress into a piece of furniture, like a bench or a daybed. Just get creative! There are endless possibilities.

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