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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Landfill Location Shelton, CT

The Town of Shelton provides its residents with a secondary means of waste disposal outside of regular curbside collection through the drop-off services offered at the Transfer Station. A valid Connecticut Driver’s License or a current Shelton tax or utility bill with a corresponding name and address on a photo ID is required to use the Transfer Station. Items accepted at the Transfer Station is available on the website.
Shelton Transfer Station
866 River Road (Rt. 110)
Hours of Operation
Hours: Monday – Saturday 7:00 am – 1:30 pm
Sunday and Saturday: Closed
Contact Highways & Bridges at 203-924-9277 with additional questions.

Shelton, CT Recycling Services

A blue and brown automated cart are delivered to Shelton households by the city. The Blue cart should be used to store recyclables for collection after they have been cleaned. Residents are asked not to label carts assigned to their address with their names. Visit the website to learn more on Use and Placement of Carts for Collection.
Accepted Items include:

  • Glass jars
  • Magazines & catalogs
  • Tin or steel cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Telephone books
  • Paper bags
  • Junk mail
  • Cardboard
  • Flatten all boxes

Unacceptable Materials:

  • Styrofoam
  • Broken glass
  • Plastic Bags
  • Hangers
  • Plastic bags

Hazardous Waste Drop-off

City of Shelton Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days is listed on the official website to keep residents up-to-date with upcoming events. All Shelton residents may take part in the Household Hazardous Waste Drop Collection events without any added fees.
Examples of household hazardous waste include:

  • Artist Supplies
  • Chemical Fertilizers
  • Airplane Glue
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Driveway Sealer
  • Engine Degreaser
  • Furniture Polish
  • Moth Balls
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fiberglass Resins
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Paint
  • Weed Killers
  • Paint Strippers
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Solvent Adhesive
  • Spot Remover
  • Wood Preservative

Bulk Waste Pickup

Bulky waste items can be disposed of by Shelton residents at the Transfer Station. See below for a list of items accepted.
Bulk items accepted at the Shelton Transfer Station include:

  • Air conditioners
  • Appliances
  • Batteries
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Furniture
  • Gas Grills
  • Lawn mowers
  • Mattresses
  • Metal
  • Playsets
  • Propane gas tanks
  • Toys
  • Trees & branches

Yard Waste Collection

Leaves should be placed in Biodegradable Brown Paper Bags only and should be left at the curb for collection on regular garbage collection days. The Transfer Station also accept yard waste such as Christmas trees, limbs, and branches. Click here for more information on Leaf Collection/Disposal.

Interesting Facts About Shelton

Shelton was incorporated in 1789 and has a population today near 40,000 residents. On July 31, 2009, an EF1 tornado blew through the town where there were some downed trees but fortunately no deaths. This is where a company like Easy Dumpster Rental can be used in helping your city with cleaning up after natural disasters. We can be there on a moments notice and is the most practical way to get your town back to normal. Both Pitney-Bowes and Tetley USA have operations in the city. Some notable people from Shelton include motocross  Hall of Famer  Doug Henry, Isaac Hull, who commanded the USS Constitution, and NFL QB Dan Orlovsky.

How Easy Dumpster Rental Prices Its Rolloff Units

Before renting a dumpster it’s a good idea to get an understanding how we determine our rental rates. For your edification will explain the main factors that comprise our pricing model. We always give you a flat-rate pricing, with no surprise fees. The 4 components consist of: landfill fees, type of debris, the weight of the materials we will be transporting, and the length of the bin rental period.
Four main elements which influence the rolloff rental cost:

  • A) Landfill fees – The cost for disposing waste material and debris at a landfill generally varies between each city, county, and state. Thus, the price for dumping waste in West Haven may be higher or lower than that of Shelton. We cannot control what a landfill will charge. With that said, Easy Dumpster Rental will never tack on extra for landfill fees unless you go over the allowed weight limit or dispose of hazardous wastes. At the end of this article, we will list a few of the more common household hazardous materials.
  • B) Debris Type – The type of trash that you intend to dispose of will definitely affect the rental cost of your container. Companies like Easy Dumpster Rental by law must deliver debris collected to specific locations. Some landfills take all and any type of materials. Others, for instance, do not have facilities to handle recyclables. Prices for dumping recyclables tend to be lower than hazardous waste. In these cases, we will take your recyclables to the local recycling center.
  • C) Debris Weight – The volume of trash that you are getting rid of will determine the size of the rental can unit you will need. If you don’t know what size you need, rest assured our sales agents will find the perfect size. Generally speaking, there is 5 basic roll off sizes:
    • 10- cubic yards
    • 15-cubic yards
    • 20- cubic yards
    • 30- cubic yards
    • 40- cubic yards

There are other available dumpster sizes than those mentioned above, but they may not be available in every county. A rule of thumb, the greater the size, higher the starting cost. Customers tend to order larger canister units to get peace of mind to fit all the trash and not pay for an extra haul. That is unnecessary and a waste of your money.
We have created an easy to use dumpster weight calculator to help you make that decision. Our staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable and with a few questions about your project, they will get you the right roll off for the job. And keep in mind, that we service both the residential and construction markets. So, there is no job to big or small for us to handle.

  • D) Rental Period – Typically, rolloff dumpsters units are rented for 7-day or 14-day periods.however, we realize that life doesn’t always go according to plan, so you can keep the dumpster has a long as you need it. Just let us know before the rental period is to expire so we don’t have to charge you late fees. Also, we will send you an email to let you know that your rental period is nearing its end. We truly want you to have a wonderful experience with our company and we will do all it takes to make that happen. Here is a list of some common household hazardous waste:
    • Home heating oil
    • Antifreeze
    • Fluorescent light bulbs
    • Batteries
    • Driveway sealer
    • Pool chemicals

If you are not sure if something is hazardous please either check with us or call your local city officials and ask them. Another alternative is to check with your Regional EPA office.

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