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Few Interesting Facts and Callaway’s Solid Waste

Callaway is a city in Bay County, Florida and is a suburb of Panama City with over fourteen thousand residents as of 2010.
The City regulates its solid waste to avoid garbage being scattered in public areas and issues a five hundred dollar fine for illegal dumping.  In addition, the City limits the amount of solid waste that it collects each week to a maximum of three and one-half cubic yards and one thousand pounds of weight. Refuse that exceeds these amounts can be collected at the following rates:

  • Refuse that is between 3.5 and 6 cubic yards, or one-fourth load, in excess will cost residents forty-five dollars.
  • Refuse that is between 6 and 12 cubic yards, or one-half load, in excess will cost residents eight-six dollars.
  • Refuse that is between 12 and 18 cubic yards, of three-fourths load, in excess will cost residents one hundred and twenty dollars.
  • Refuse that is between 18 and 24 cubic yards, or one full load, in excess will cost residents one hundred and fifty dollars.
Bay County Solid Waste

The Bay County Solid Waste Division operates two solid waste disposal facilities that are open to the public:

  • The Bay County Steelfield Road Landfill located at 11411 Landfill Road, Panama City Beach (850-236-2212).
  • Bay County Waste-to-Energy located at 6510 Bay Line Drive, Panama City (850-914-6248).

The Bay County Steelfield Road Landfill accepts the following items:

  • Household garbage is accepted and trash items that cannot be burned (e.g. swings sets, furniture, boats, and construction debris).
  • Yard debris cannot be burned in the waste-to-energy facility and must be placed in the landfill. Examples include leaves, brush, and tree trimmings.
  • Large Tractor or Off-road type tires are accepted at the Bay County Landfill.
  • Tires that can be taken of vehicles, or waste tires, cannot be legally disposed of at the landfill, but will be accepted and later transported to the waste-to-energy facility for disposal (note: residents that have a sizable amount of waste tires should not bring them to the landfill; instead, they should be taken directly to the waste-to-energy facility).
  • Appliances, such as a washing machine or oven, are similarly accepted at the landfill but are then disposed of in a separate area.
  • Household waste is also accepted at the landfill but disposed of separately; such items include paint, gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, gasoline, used oil, and batteries.

The Bay County Waste-to-Energy incinerates certain forms of waste with a capacity for five hundred tons of waste that produces approximately thirteen megawatts of electricity per hour that is utilized by the state of Florida. The following items are accepted at the facility:

  • Burnable refuse that is at least for inches wide and four feet long is acceptable for disposal at the waste-to-energy facility.
  • Items that cannot be burned, such as bulky furniture and bed frames are accepted at the facility, but will only receive these items in small quantities and transferred to the Bay County Steelfield Road Landfill.
  • Tires are accepted at the waste-to-energy facility if they can be taken off the vehicle and that are appropriate for highway driving (note: certain large tires described below are NOT accepted).

The following items are NOT accepted at the waste-to-energy facility:

  • Large road tires, such as a tractor tire, cannot be processed and will not be accepted; instead, large tires should be taken to the Steelfield Road Landfill.
  • Household Hazardous waste and appliances are not accepted at the Waste-to-Energy Facility and should similarly be taken to the Steelfield Road Landfill.

For more information and disposal rates, Bay County’s Solid Waste Disposal Guide.

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