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Few Facts on Centerville and Leon County and Hazardous Waste

Leon County is situated just about midway along the border that separates Florida and Georgia. Centerville an unincorporated area within Leon County that, although rural, has some notable housing developments, as it is located outside of Tallahassee. Native American tribes, such as the Paleoindians, the Apalachee, and the Seminole Native American tribes that in some cases date back over ten thousand years, inhabited the area that is now Leon County. In the 1800s, Leon County was the location of numerous plantations but shifted to the cattle industry in the mid-1900s.

Conservation Communities

Since the 1970s, Florida has grown at a rate of over eight hundred residents per day. This population growth spread concerns about how to conserve Florida’s beautiful tropical and subtropical environment. One approach has been the development of the Conservation Community. The prototype for conservation communities, the Centerville Conservation Community, was developed in Centerville.

The Centerville Conservation Community in Leon County, which is thought to become a model for development in the Florida Panhandle. These conservation communities are designed to counteract high-density housing developments by instead creating semi-rural conservation areas with homes. The Centerville Conservation Community is located in the beautiful Red Hills region of Leon County, which is known for its red clay soils, rich biodiversity, longleaf pine forests, and beautiful scenery and has been designated as one of “America’s Last Great Places” by the Nature Conservancy.

Population growth is generally thought to be threatening the Red Hills region by urban sprawl that overflows from a growing Tallahassee. The Centerville Conservation Center offers two hundred homes that have at least three acres per home across three hundred and fifty acres that leave over six hundred acres, or around sixty-five percent of the land is left as permanent conservation areas. The conservation areas simply development and conservation negotiated agreements, but provide enriching areas that improve the value of the homes. Residents enjoy nature trails and walkways, ponds, and horse stables.

Reducing Hazardous Waste in Leon County

When renting a Dumpster from Easy Dumpster Rental, it is very important to remember that hazardous waste cannot be placed in your rollaway dumpster bin container because it needs to be disposed of through an environmental process. One of the goals of Leon County is to reduce (and eliminate) the improper disposal of household hazardous waste. The County’s Leon County Hazardous Waste Center boasts that in the past years it has taken in over four hundred tons of hazardous waste into the Center and recycles over fifty percent of this waste. There are numerous items that are included as hazardous waste that should never be placed in a dumpster in Centerville or in the trash. Some of these items include the following:

What Exactly is Hazardous Waste?

There are numerous items that are included as hazardous waste that should never be placed in a dumpster in Centerville or in the trash. Some of these items include the following:

  • When you finish using a battery, where should you put it? If it is an alkaline battery, a rechargeable battery, a battery for a watch, or a car battery, it should be taken to the Center.
  • We all have a stock of cleaners in our kitchen, bathrooms, and garages that we sometimes need to clear out. Many cleaners should not be placed in a dumpster or trash, such as oven cleaners, drain openers, ammonia, floor, mental and furniture cleaners, toilet cleaners, and lime, rust and mildew removers.
  • Sometimes our electronics get old and we buy new items. What about the obsolete items? Phones, printers, ink cartridges, computers, computer parts, cables, modems, phones, old pagers, radios, televisions, VCRs and even CDs and cassettes should be taken to the Center for proper disposal.
  • Many of us use a rollaway dumpster to clean a shed or a garage quickly and easily. But some items must be taken into the Hazardous Waste Center separately, such as motor oil, gasoline (and other fuels), brake and transmission fluids, antifreeze, cleaners, paints and paint thinner, glues, turpentine (and other solvents), herbicides, insecticides, lighter fluid, pool chemicals, and mercury-containing devises.
  • Finally, certain household items should be kept away from rollaway dumpsters and trash, such as nail polish and nail remover, hair coloring chemicals, spot removers in the laundry room, and fluorescent bulbs.

The Leon County Hazardous Waste Centeris located at 7550 Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee.

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