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Environmental Management and Holly Hill’ Origins

Holly Hill is a city in Volusia County on Florida’s Atlantic Coast.  Holly Hill’s origins date back to the 1800s when Fernando de la Maza Arredondo received 4,500 acres on the Halifax River to from the Governor of Mexico. Holly Hill was eventually incorporated by twenty-six of its citizens in 1826.  The oldest house in the Holly Hill that remains standing today built almost one and one-half centuries ago in 1878.

Efforts Against Illegal Dumping

As part of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program, the City of Holly Hill educates its residents about hazards that can be caused by illegal dumping.  Illicit discharges can include residents pouring paint and other substances into storm drains as well as businesses that allow floor drains to run directly into the stormwater system, failing septic systems, soapy water from laundry and automobile washing, and illegal dumping of hazardous waste into lakes, rivers, ditches, and yards.  Hazardous substances such as used oils, batteries, and paints can find their way into the water system and spread downstream to negatively impact plants and animals.  Illegally dumped hazardous chemicals not only infect the area around these dumps but can impact areas nearby and attract insects and rodents that result in an unhealthy and unsafe environment.

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods

Holly City endorses the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program for its residents.  The program is an effort by the Florida Springs Initiative of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to convey techniques to homeowners regarding environmentally friendly landscaping and lawn care techniques that are designed to protect the environment of Florida.  The Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program offers videos and other resources that promote nine key principles of environmental landscaping and lawn care.

  1. Planting the “Right Plant” at the “Right Place.”
  2. Methods to use water efficiently.
  3. How to fertilize most effectively and environmental.
  4. Using mulch on lawns.
  5. Landscaping that attracts wildlife.
  6. Methods of responsibly managing yard pests.
  7. Recycling yards waste.
  8. How to reduce stormwater runoff.
  9. Methods to protect the waterfront.
Volusia County Environmental Management

Florida has grown in the past years as many Americans and foreigners moved to the Sunshine State and populations have grown.  Volusia County is no exception.  In 1900, the County had just ten thousand inhabitants.  This number grew to one hundred and twenty-five thousand residents by 1960 today has ballooned to over five hundred thousand residents.  As it and other counties expand, the Volusia County Environmental Management program seeks to balance the County’s growing population and economic interests with the quality of the environment. The county pursues this goal through a number of methods, including regulatory frameworks the require permitting, the routine use of government inspections to monitor and enforce the County’s standards for environmental protection, pollution prevention, and pollution cleanup.
Volusia County Environmental Management consists of the following programs:
Educational Opportunities.  Volusia County Environmental Management has convened a Water Education Task Team (WETT).  WEET coordinates educational opportunities between its divisions in areas such as:

  • Educational Programs at the Lyonia Environmental Center, Marine Science Center, and on County Conservation Lands.
  • The restoration of mangroves in our Estuaries and beach and wildlife.
  • Florida’s most endangered marine mammals.
  • Programs to band Florida scrub jay birds and tracking tortoises.

Environmental Permitting: One measure to enforce the County’s environmental ordinances for trees, wetlands, gophers tortoises and other species is the use of Environmental Permitting.  Environmental Permitting is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the county’s environmental ordinances regarding:

  • The Indian River Lagoon waters that have been designated as class II by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and also designated for special protection by the Surface Water Improvement and Management Act (Class II Overlay).
  • The Federally protected Florida scrub jay, gopher tortoises, manatees.
  • Trees and wetlands.

The Connect Live Permits Program: The Connect Live permits program (Connect Live) is a customer friendly site to help residents find information on things like land and property zoning requirements County requirements to comply with environmental protection, such as tree, beach, dune, wetlands, gopher tortoise and other protected species.  The site enables residents to: submit applications, make payments, and schedule inspections.

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