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Solid Waste, Recycling and Quick Facts About Macclenny

From Darby to McClenny to Macclenny

Macclenny is a city in northern Florida near Jacksonville and within Baker County, which borders Georgia near the eastern coastline.  The City’s name follows its early founding families, originally named Darbyville after the Darbies and was later changed to Macclenny after Carr Bowers McClenny married onto the Darby family and purchased much of the land.  Because federal rules to open a post office required that capital letters not appear in the name (beyond the first letter), McClenny’s name was changed to Macclenny.  Today, Macclenny is the county seat for Baker County.

Preserving Macclenny’s History

Although many settlers came to Macclenny after the Civil War, there were people in the area as early as 1829, almost sixty years prior to the first Macclenny post office.  Early settlers experienced the toils of taming the lands, a lifestyle that has been preserved by the Heritage Park Village in Macclenny.  Heritage Park Village offers twenty-two museums in a historical village that visitors can walk through.  The Darbyville Jail exhibit, for example, demonstrates the early law enforcement of the small city and shows the confession of a murderer who was one of the last people in Florida to be officially hung.  Baker County was also known as the Moonshine capital, as the art of distilling whiskey, which was a necessity for early settlers that could not easily purchase spirits that grew into an industry.  One of the early and crude distilleries consisted of a wooden rain cover and several barrels that are displayed at the Outdoor Moonshine Still exhibit in Heritage Park Village.

New River Solid Waste Association

In 1988, the Counties of Baker, Bradford, and Union founded and funded the New River Solid Waste Association (NRSWA).  The Association was formed to create a more comprehensive solid waste disposal system that would protect environmental resources, incorporate new environmental technologies to the waste disposal process, maximizes landfill usage, and educate residents on environmental waste disposal.  The NRSWA is responsible for the New River Solid Waste Regional Landfill and a number of Recycling Collection Centers.

New River Solid Waste Regional Landfill

In keeping with its goals, the New River Solid Waste Regional Landfill is a state-of-the-art bioreactor landfill.  The Bioreactor landfill consists of an advanced injection system to accelerate the waste decomposition process, which normally takes from twenty-five to thirty years, to a period ranging from five to ten years.  This is accomplished through a system of vertical pipes and other instrumentation that circulate air, water, and leachate in the landfill to catalyze the decomposition process.  The Landfill currently collects and burns methane gas; however, the rapid decomposition also creates a faster production of methane gas, which offers additional opportunities for its collection and use for energy.
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection takes pride in the New River Solid Waste Regional Landfill, which was named the National Winner of SWANA Landfill Management Excellence Award.  The New River Regional Landfill is located at 24276 NE 157th Street, Raiford, and takes in about eight hundred to one thousand tons of waste from each day.

Baker County Recycling Collection Centers

Baker County and the New River Solid Waste Association also offer a number of collection centers for residents of Baker County at the following locations:

  • Baxter: 27330 County Road 127, Sanderson.
  • Cuyler: 19319 N County Road 125, Sanderson.
  • Glen St. Mary: 13614 N County Road 125, Glen St. Mary.
  • Mud Lake: 9884 Mud Lake Road, Glen St. Mary.
  • Macclenny: 7790 S SR 228, Macclenny.
  • Steel Bridge: 5229 Steel Bridge Road, Macclenny.
  • Sanderson: 15405 US 90, Sanderson.
  • Olustee: US 90 Olustee.
  • Limb Debris Site: 3685 City Dump Road, Macclenny.
Baker County Collection Centers accept the following items:
  • Newspaper.
  • Aluminum.
  • Steel, and tin cans.
  • Clear, green, glass bottles.
  • Clear, green, glass jars.
  • Plastic bottles or jars.
  • Automobile batteries.
  • Metal.
  • White goods.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Freezers.
  • Yard waste.
  • Construction debris.
  • Household waste.
  • Tires (five per family).

Baker County Collection Centers DO NOT ACCEPT the following items:

  • Burn barrels.
  • Dead animals.
  • Commercial waste.
  • Hazardous waste.
  • Hazardous liquids.
  • Used motor oil.
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