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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Recycling and Quick Facts on Medley’s Industries

The Town of Medley was founded in 1949 by Sylvester Medley and is located in the western part of Miami-Dade County. Medley is an industrious industrial town, with nearly two thousand businesses from the Urbieta Oil Company to the Preferred Freezer Corporation. Although the town has just over one thousand residents, its total weekday visiting workforce is said to exceed sixty thousand.

Plant a Tree in Medley

The Town of Medley is not all business. Its government and its residents continually seek to optimize its natural environment. On such effort is the Tree Planting Program in the Town of Medley. The Tree Planting Program is planned for areas of the community designated by the government and designed to bring participation into the environmental interests of the Medley community.

Recycling Wood and Metals

When you throw away lumbers or tree stumps, where does it go? The answer in Medly is that it might go to a Material Recovery & Recycling Facility. With financial support from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Innovative Recycling Grant Program and help from The University of Miami, The University of Florida and The Town of Medley, the Florida Wood and Recycling Facility has sought to maximize its ability to extract reusable woods and metals from waste and repurpose these items. In pursuit of these goals, this coalition of business, government, and academia has developed best management practices for wood and metal extraction and recycling and has been able to recycle seventy-five to eighty percent of incoming materials.

Construction Dumpsters

Construction dumpsters are a special type of dumpster rental units that specialize in construction and demolition waste. Easy Dumpster Rental construction dumpsters are made to service a wide range of construction projects, from remodeling to building a home to demolishing a building. Some construction materials include thing like concrete, asphalt, bricks, drywall, siding, roofing shingles, and a variety of other items. Construction dumpsters can also take things like landscaping waste, including dirt, leaves, branches, grass, and large tree stumps. Certain materials will require advance notification and approval before being placed in a dumpster because special handling is required for disposal. Some examples of special goods include white goods (appliances), contaminated soil, and materials that contain asbestos. Please note that hazardous waste (e.g. pesticides, pool chemicals, oil-based paint, electronics, explosives, fluorescent bulbs, and other materials are never allowed in dumpsters due to their threat to the environment and public health.

Construction and Demolition Landfills

When the garbage man comes in Medley or when our rollaway dumpster picked up by an Easy Dumpster Rental truck, where does the waste go? The obvious answer is: to a landfill; but there are different types of landfills. One type of landfill is the Construction and Demolition Landfill, which takes materials from demolishing buildings, construction, and renovations, and also include disaster-related waste that can follow a Florida hurricane. The following materials can generally be included in Construction and Demolition Landfills:

  • Concrete debris, asphalt, brick, and roofing shingles.
  • Wood from building structures.
  • Drywall (or what is called gypsum).
  • Metal waste.
  • Glass.
  • Plastic materials.
  • Items that are taken from homes and buildings, such as plumbing, windows, and doors.
  • Yard waste, such as trees, stumps, dirt, and rock.
State and Federal Regulation of Construction and Demolition Landfills

In Florida, Construction and Demolition Landfills are approved at the county level. Although they are specially designed to handle construction and demolition waste effectively, these construction waste landfills pose their own risks to the environment and public health, such as the possibility of inhaling hydrogen sulfide and sulfur gases, smoke, or gases as well and the usual need to contain leachate water. As such, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulates the following areas: of these specialized landfills:

  • Operator training.
  • Waste screening.
  • Groundwater monitoring.
  • Height restrictions.

In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates lead and asbestos, and only certain Construction and Demolition Landfills can receive hazardous waste.

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