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Solid Waste, Recycling, and Information about Springfield

It seems that every state in the United States has a “Springfield” somewhere, and Florida’s city of Springfield is located on the Panhandle in Bay County.  Springfield is also the home of a chemical mill and paper plant that sits on its waterfront creating a unique island of industrial ambiance in the center of Florida’s expanding tourism and “snowbird” real estate market.  Springfield has also preserved some of its green spaces and offers its residents and visitors some local attractions including:

  • The Buddy McLemore Park, named and the late Mayor Buddy McLemore, which has sports amenities for baseball, tennis, basketball, a playground for children, and picnic tables and concessions for a relaxed afternoon.
  • The Henry Brooks memorial Walking Park, named after the late Commissioner Brooks, is well shaded with has tables.
  • The Springfield Gardens Walking Park offers a paved track that winds between two lakes.
  • The Springfield Sports Complex is a twenty-one-acre facility for baseball, tee ball, and soccer and has a kids playground.
  • The Cherry Street Boat Ramp gives access to the beautiful Martin Lake, where leisure-lovers view wildlife and water enthusiasts have fun with water sports like kayaking and jet skiing.
Bay County Waste-to-Energy

Bay County does not collect is solid waste, which is handled by the City and licensed haulers, but offers two facilities to dispose of waste. The first is the Bay County Waste-to-Energy.  The waste-to-energy plant accepts the following items:

  • Burnable refuse that is at least for inches wide and four feet long (items that cannot be burned, such as large furniture items, are accepted at the facility but are then transferred to the Bay County Steelfield Road Landfill).
  • Tires are accepted at the waste-to-energy facility if they can be taken off the vehicle and that are appropriate for highway driving (note: certain large tires described below are NOT accepted, including large road tires, and must be taken to the Steelfield Roald Landfill).
  • Hazardous waste is NOT ACCEPTED at the waste-to-energy plant but can be disposed of through the Steelfield Road Landfill.

After the items are received that are appropriate for the waste-to-energy process, metals are removed to be taken for recycling and the waste is incinerated into a residue that is taken to the landfill.  The incineration process turns generators and creates enough energy each year to provide electricity to about five hundred homes.

Bay County Recycling

Bay County also promotes recycling and has eight easy drop-off sites  for residents of the county bin that receive recycling in the following categories and with the following instructions:

  • Cardboard (remember to remove packaging and to flatten boxes) including corrugated and paperboard food boxes (note: wax-coated boxes and pet food bags are NOT ACCEPTED).
  • Mixed paper, white and colored, phone books, mail, and brown paper bags (note: books, paper plates, or items accessorized with staples or other non-paper bindings are NOT ACCEPTED).
  • Aluminum beverage cans (must be emptied).
  • Tin cans that are empty and clean with labels removed (lids are accepted).
  • Plastics are accepted; however, lids and liquids must be removed separated from accompanying food or plastic bags.
  • Newspapers and newsprint are accepted with inserts, but NOT with bundle bags. Also, junk mail should be placed with paper (above).
Bay County Landfill

For waste that cannot be recycled or incinerated at the waste-to-energy plant, the County has the Bay County Steelfield Road Landfill.  The landfill is located at 11411 Landfill Road, Panama City Beach and can be reached by phone at 850-236-2212.  The following items can be processed at the landfill:

  • Household garbage is accepted and trash items that cannot be burned (playground equipment, bulky furniture, and boats)
  • Construction debris.
  • Yard debris.
  • Large tires for tractors or off-road vehicles are accepted (tires that can be taken off the vehicle are accepted and later transported but are best taken to the waste-to-energy facility).
  • Appliances, such as a washing machine or oven, are similarly accepted.
  • Household waste (paint, gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, gasoline, used oil, and batteries) is also accepted at the landfill but disposed of separately.
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