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Early Gatherings in Bolingbrook

The second largest incorporated place is the state of Illinois is the village of Bolingbrook, which, not surprisingly, is a suburb of Chicago.  The village has over seventy-five thousand people and is located southwest of the city of Chicago in both Will and DuPage counties.  One of the village’s attraction is a Maple tree that is over two hundred years old.  In winters, early settlers were known to hang lanterns from the tree to light a skating area on the ice below.

Environmental Protection in Bolingbrook

Bolingbrook residents know that the environment is a community asset worth protecting, from the trees to the water.  One such initiative is the DuPage River Ecological Improvements Project, which is designed to address the problem of invasive species along the DuPage River while also working to replace the plants and landscape.  Some of these plants that are considered invasive are the European buckthorn and the honeysuckle.  Many residents of Illinois personally understand the challenge that these non-indigenous plants can choke the life of trees and plants that naturally grow in Illinois and even can cost homeowners money to cut back and uproot.  The BuPage River Ecological Improvement Project is funded by the District and also receives other funding, including a recent grant from Illinois American Water.

Conserving Wildlife

Invasive plants kill not just the indigenous plants and prairies that Illinois is known for, but also the wildlife species that depend on these plants and habitats.  The Forest Preserve District also works to preserve and boost species that have been threatened or are diminishing in populations.  The Blanding’s Turtle, for example, is an endangered species that is threatened by the contraction of available wetlands. The District Forest Preserve is helping these beautiful turtles, in part, through the “head start” program.  Another important part of local biodiversity is the success of Freshwater Mussels, which process water in a way the filters bacterial and algae and other harmful elements, and are critical to the environment.  The Forest Preserve District has in the last year replaced over twenty thousand of these miraculous mussels.  The Forest Preserve District can be reached at 3S580 Naperville Road in Wheaton for more information.

Construction and Demolition (C&R) Dumpsters

In Bolingbrook, the village slogan is “room to grow.”  But this growth, of course, involves a significant amount work in terms of construction, renovation, and, at times, demolitions.  If you are working on a renovation project, constructing a home or commercial site, of demolishing an exiting structure, Easy Dumpster Rental offers great construction dumpsters at guaranteed low prices in Bolingbrook.  In addition, you can save money and help the environment by specifying the waste of your dumpster and not mixing waste.  Some of the items that are considered construction and demolition debris are those that are generated in the process of constructing or demolishing a home or building and can include:

  • Earth cleared for construction.
  • Rock cleared for construction
  • Construction corrugated cardboard.
  • Concrete, asphalt, and pavement.
  • Drywall, wood, and brick.
  • Various metals.
  • Vinyl and plastics.
  • Roofing materials (e.g. shingles).
  • Non-hazardous electrical wiring.
  • Old piping.
  • Glass (including windows).
  • Other building components.
Construction and Debris Recycling

Renting a dumpster that is specifically for construction and demolition is especially useful in DePage County, which offers a special Construction and Recycling Debris services.  The EPA estimates the construction and demolition debris can exceed five hundred thousand tons in a given year, and that recycling such debris can save the equitant of about one billion gallons of gasoline.  A number of centers in the county can receive and specially handle construction and demolition debris, which can be taken to a local recycling center. For more information, residents of DePage County can contact the DuPage County Environmental Division at 421 N. County Farm Rd. in Wheaton or call 630-407-6700.

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