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Kearney and the University of Nebraska, at Kearney

In Kearny, the Great Platte River Road Archway stretches over Interstate 80 as a testament to the Platte River and its role in the development of Kearny and Nebraska. Kearney is also the home of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, which was founded from 1903 to 1905 and joined the University of Nebraska in 1991.

Recycling at the University of Nebraska at Kearney

The University of Nebraska at Kearney takes responsibility for its own recycling through the participation of its teaching faculty, administrative staff, and students. One method of increasing recycling is to simply make recycling easy so that it happens more frequently.  We all want to recycle, but it is easy to forget when we are busy.  The University of Nebraska at Kearney employs this strategy on two levels.

  • First, the university uses a singe-steam recycling system. For those of us that have stared at large recycling wall confused by which slot to put a glass bottle, the single stream system accepts all recycling in one place container.  The facility then sorts the items at a warehouse through a mechanized process.  Although single-stream recycling may be less effective for things like paper, it does make the process simple.
  • A second tactic by the university is to place recycling stations frequently in academic buildings, resident halls, and the outdoor spaces where people walk.  These many receptacles make recycling easy and more frequent.

Items that ARE ACCEPTABLE for recycling include:

  • Aluminum and tin cans, aluminum foil, and aluminum trays.
  • Glass Bottles and glass jars.
  • Cardboard and packing including corrugated brown boxes, cereal boxes, paper packing materials, brown paper bags, beverage boxes, and pizza boxes.
  • Paper including office, computer, loose leaf, letterhead, and copy paper, newspaper, catalogs, phone books, magazines, books (hard and soft cover), journals, post-it notes, index cards, and envelopes (including brown).
  • Plastic bottles.

Items that ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE for recycling include:

  • Plastic, paper cups, paper towels, tissues, and napkins.
  • Waxed cardboard, frozen meal boxes, and cardboard with glue-in foam.
  • Mirrors, window glass, white glass bottles, and drinking glasses.
  • Styrofoam packaging, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and colored paper.
  • Food-related wrappers and candy wrappers.
  • Ceramic items.
  • Light bulbs.
Kearney Landfill

Are you ready to rent a dumpster container for a project?  One thing that is great to do is to take a look at disposal facilities that can help take recycling, extra waste, and hazardous waste.  This can enable you to avoid fees for improper disposal reduce costs by not mixing waste in your dumpster.  The Kearney Landfill is a great resource for general waste and is located at 6711 W 56th Street in Kearney and will accept:

  • Municipal (or household) waste.
  • Construction waste.
  • Bulk items such as furniture.
Non-Landfill Items Accepted at the Landfill

If you are cleaning a house, attic, or garage or working on a renovation, you may have additional items that you do not want to place in your dumpster but would like to dispose of separately. The Kearney Landfill also takes a number of materials and items that are not placed in the landfill but can be processed at the site for a fee.  These items include:

  • Trees and other forms of yard waste.
  • Wood pallets.
  • Concrete and asphalt.
  • Appliances.
  • Tires.
Items NOT ACCEPTED in the Landfill

A number of items cannot be accepted in landfills because they require special disposal.  In many cases, these items cannot be included in your dumpster for the same reason. They include things like household hazardous waste, large appliances, lead-acid batteries, liquid waste, radioactive waste, and oil.  Many of these items, however, may be taken to the City of Kearney’s new Household Hazardous Waste Facility located at 3620 Box Butte Avenue, which is conveniently situated behind the Kearney Area Recycling Center.

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