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Environment, Solid Waste and Fe Other Quick Facts on North Platte

North Platte’s Railways

North Platte is located on the North Platte River, which is about seven hundred miles long.  Union Pacific’s Chief Engineer Grenville Dodge originally included North Platte as a railroad town and North Platte became a hub for the railroad network. Today, it showcases the world’s largest train yard that extends over two thousand and eight hundred acres and can manage over ten thousand railroad cars.  The breath-taking view of the rail yard can be viewed from Golden Spike Tower.

Keeping Prescription Drugs out of Trash and Dumpsters

The idea of hazardous waste generally involves things like drums of toxic liquids or poisonous substances found in homes.  But many more common items are dangerous for the environment.  This can include things like prescription drugs.  Those empty bottles of prescription drugs that are unused should not go into the garbage or dumpsters, which is important to remember if you have rented dumpster to clean a home or are cleaning after a former tenant in a rental unit.  Instead, prescription drugs should be taken to a site for environmental disposal by professionals.  For this reason, the City of Platte’s Community Connections sometimes offers a drug disposal program in which residents can dispose of old prescriptions or over-the-counter medications.  After Community Connections receives the items, they are transferred to the Nebraska State Patrol for proper disposal.

Keep North Platte & Lincoln County Beautiful (KNPLCB)

The natural beauty of North Platte is not an accident.  North Platte has an active community that works to preserve its beauty and atmosphere in accordance with the instructions of the Mayor, the City Council, and the Lincoln County Commissioners.  One such organization is the Keep North Platte & Lincoln County Beautiful (KNPLCB).  The KNPLCB is dedicated to working with the community on environmental issues of all kinds and works to clean up litter and promote beautification projects.  In addition, the KNPLCB works to minimize waste generation by the residents.  This is done through active programs within North Platte schools with “care of the earth” youth curriculums and numerous partnerships with between government, businesses, and organizations.

From Landfills to Parks

Do you ever wonder what happens to all of the landfills in the world?  If you live in North Platte or New York, it seems that we are always collecting garbage crushing old things to make room for new things.  Nebraska has an abundance of land that enables its landfills to be more manageable. But in places with highly dense populations and limited land, the space taken up by landfills can be a more pressing concern.  One such method has been to take old landfills and cover them with clay, dirt, and trees to make recreational areas.

The Washington Park Arboretum

Some recreational areas can be quite expansive and even elegant. In Seattle Washington, the Miller Street Dump was an over sixty-acre landfill that served the public for more than twenty years.  The dump had three main dumping ground that extended up to the northern shore of Union Bay on what became rather high-valued property.  Today, the dump has been converted into the Washington Park Arboretum, which is managed by the University of Washington Botanic Gardens in cooperation with the City of Seattle.  If you walk the grounds, it is hard to not be amazed that you were on a former landfill.  There are an abundant two hundred and thirty acres with some exotic plantings.   There is also a Japanese Garden on the premises and Botanic Gardens that work with the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.  The former dumpsite now has more than forty thousand trees, shrubs, and vines of all varieties from around the world and a lake that is the home for koi fish and turtles and can be enjoyed by small boat.

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