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Dumpster Rental Pricing in Lexington is Based on Many Different Factors
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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Where to Recycle in Lexington?

Lexington County residents may bring material from their primary residence to collection and recycling centers. These centers will accept the following items:

  • Aluminum beverage cans (be sure to empty and rise.
  • Antifreeze that is poured into a labeled container under the carport cover using the funnel provided.
  • Automotive fluid in a large rectangular container under the carport cover (note: no brake fluid or antifreeze is accepted at the centers.
  • Used motor oil poured into a large rectangular container with a carport cover (note: there is a five-gallon limit).
  • Batteries for automobiles and lead and acid rechargeable household batteries.
  • Brown and corrugated cardboard boxes, brown grocery bags, and flat brown envelopes (note: no packing materials, padded envelopes, or boxes or cartons with great or white interiors.
  • Naturally occurring clean yard debris, including grass clippings, pine straw, leaves, plant trimmings, branches less than four feet long, and four inches in diameter, pine cones, and other things, as well as clean, untreated, unpainted lumber, such as pallets.
  • Cooking oil and grease that is poured into labeled containers with a cover.
  • Fuel or gasoline in a large, rectangular container under a carport cover.
  • Glass bottles, jugs, and jars that are separated by color (e.g. clear, brown, green, and other colors), rinsed, and with lies and caps removed (note: labels do not need to be removed.
  • Fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs.
  • Mixed paper including beverage cartons (rinsed, flattened, without discard plastic lids), books including paperback books and phone books (hard-covered books are not accepted, Envelopes with and without clear-view windows, brown, white, and colored (padded envelopes are not accepted, glossy and non-glossy flyers, inserts, store advertisements, and coupons, food cartons with a gray or white interior (flattened), magazines, newspapers, paper from hard covered books or from notebooks with spiral binding (without voters or bindings), plain wrapping paper,
Where to Self-haul Waste?

Edmund Landfill, Transfer Station, And Compost Facility

Accepted materials at the Edmund Landfill include:

  • Asphalt, concrete, and metals.
  • Electronics and white goods (appliances) including refrigerator units.
  • Mattresses and box springs.
  • Propane tanks and helium tanks.
  • Porcelain.
  • Tires and clean yard debris.

There is also a construction and demolition debris landfill that will accept:

  • Furniture.
  • Boats and mobile homes.
  • Mixed Construction Debris.
  • Shingles and plates or treated glass.
  • Mixed yard debris.

The Edmund Landfill also has a transfer station that can take the following items:

  • Household and commercial garbage, or what is referred to as municipal solid waste.
  • Latex-based paint (note: paint must be completely dried with sand, kitty litter, or other material).
  • Railroad ties and dead animals.

Finally, the Edmund Landfill has a Wood grinding and Compost Facility that can take all of your yard waste including:

  • Tree trunks and branches, leaves, and mulch.
  • Pine cones and pine straw.
  • Unpainted and untreated wood, such as pallets, and other clean wood waste

All material brought to the Edmund County Landfill Wood and Cringing Compost Facility must not be bagged or in brown bags.

The Edmund Landfill, Transfer Station, And Compost Facility can be visited at 429 Landfill Lane in Lexington.

Your Next Project in Lexington

If you are working on a great new project in Lexington, be sure to get a sturdy Easy Dumpster Rental bin at the guaranteed lowest price. But Easy Dumpster Rental doesn’t just have the cheapest residential dumpster rentals, we offer great service and save you money. One thing we do for our clients is to advise them on all of their waste disposal needs.

A great thing to do to ensure that your project is successful is to know about your local resources that may be able to help you with the disposal process. For example, if you go over your waist limit slightly it may be better to soften all your waist to pay for the tire dump and return service. This is just one way we help save you money.

In other cases, many clients prefer to separate recycling from other waste. Recycling is processed for free by the city or state, so things like construction demolition debris right municipal waste cost money for disposal. By saving room in your bin, you can have a much more cost-efficient project. As follows are some local reassures that can help you even if you have a dumpster bin.

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