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Easy Dumpster Rental knows how difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes exhausting it is to research container rental rates and compare confusing offers. Unfortunately, this happens because many companies hide fees and make their prices very hard to understand to deceive their customers so that they can later inflate their rates. That is why Easy Dumpster Rental guarantees you the lowest price every time.

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Dumpster Rental Pricing in Simpsonville is Based on Many Different Factors
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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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How to Easily Rent and Return a Roll-off Dumpster Bin

At Easy Dumpster Rental, the roll-off dumpster bin rental process is easy and helpful. If it is your first time renting, or if you are a long-time renter for projects, we make the process fast, easy, and effective. We are fast, and we are the only ones that can get you a dumpster bin in twenty-four hours or less. We are easy in that we have a great staff and streamlined processes that save you time.   And we are efficient in that we can help you get the perfect bin for your job and save money every time. To get started, just follow the following steps.

  • First, estimate your dumpster requirements for your job. Our customers love to do this using the Easy Dumpster Rental Dumpster Conversion tables. These tables help anyone estimate refuse by using more familiar measures of volume, such as brute trashcans, wheelbarrows, pickup trucks, dump trucks, and oversized items (such as furniture), and then converts these units into cubic yards.  Once you have an estimated weight and volume, you can then use the Easy Dumpster Rental Dumpster Calculator to assess a project’s required volume and weight to get the optimal dumpster bin size for a given project.
  • Second, after you have your project planned, you can begin the dumpster bin rental process by getting a fast and easy quote online that will assess your personal needs and find you the best rate guarantee. See how much you can save.
  • Third, when you Finnish your project, you can easily go to the Easy Dumpster Rental website to request dumpster pickup online to set a date for its removal.
Recycling in Simpsonville

Recycling is considered important to keep the environment relatively clean. Simpsonville has changed its recycling policy from a single-stream recycling system to a dual-stream recycling system. The dual-stream system is able to better sort material. It also produced a higher quality of material at a lower cost of processing. However, it will require residents of Simpsonville to sort their recycling at home and then transport these items to a recycling center. For this reason, critiques of the program have demonstrated concerns that participation in recycling will suffer. When you do bring in your recycling, be sure to follow the City’s guidelines:

  • Because plastic bags are the primary contaminant in curbside recycling, residents should take plastic bags to drop-off centers, not curbside bins.
  • Because small items can hinder recycling machines, it is asked that residents not recycle anything smaller than a credit card.
  • Avoid recycling plastics that can tear like paper, and only recycle rigid plastics labeled by resin codes one through seven.
  • Trash mixed with recyclables disrupts the sorting process, so take care to ensure that you are not mixing in non-recyclables.
  • Contaminants can ruin entire recycling loads, so be sure to only recycle things that you are sure can be recycled. If you are in doubt, contact the Simpsonville Public Works Department at 110 Woodside Park Drive at: (864) 967-9531.

If you are new to Simpsonville, you may find that you have a new problem if you are working on a project in Simpsonville, you may need to bring in your own recycling to a center to be processed. There are several locations in Simpsonville that can take you recycling, including the following drop-off centers:

  • The Brookwood Church at 580 Brookwood Pointe Place has a drop-off site for recycling.
  • City Park at 405 E. Curtis Street has a facility to accept your recycling.
  • Residents may also go to Conestee Park at 840 Mauldin Road in Mauldin.
  • The Fountain Inn Elementary School has a facility at 608 Fairview Street in Fountain Inn.
  • Residents of Greenville County may also access the Simpsonville Residential Waste and Recycling Center at 517 Hipps Road in Simpsonville.
  • Finally, the Simpsonville Public Works Department hosts a new recycling center that receives cardboard and aluminum cans and is located at 110 Woodside Park Drive.
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