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The CDC recommends that we do covid-19 cleaning our homes and other indoor dwellings often to disinfect and prevent the spread of covid-19. In 2020 we experienced shortages and purchasing limits of household cleaners, but do we really need bleach or other harsh chemical cleaners to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the deadliest virus in history? After some google searching it turns out we do not! Here is a comprehensive list from

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the EPA of all cleaning agents that disinfect and protect us from Covid-19. It lists all types of surfaces and exact times of how long it takes each item to disinfect for proper covid-19 cleaning. List N Tool: Covid-19 Disinfectants.


If you’re a person who tries to avoid chemical cleaning products, don’t worry you have plenty of safe and effective options. Covid-19 cleaning is still possible. Many inexpensive household products will disinfect and protect your family from covid-19. Some of these items never went out of stock or had purchase restrictions. Covid-19 cleaning on a budget is easier than you think!


Hydrogen Peroxide tops the list for Covid-19 cleaning.  Easy to acquire, completely affordable and highly effective. Safe and non toxic for pets and small children. Diluted for cleaning hydrogen peroxide will disinfect and make covid-19 cleaning safer for your family. Sam Shipani wrote a informative blog called, “What You Should Know About Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide” where you will learn how to dilute, which strengths work best for what and all kinds of ways to disinfect your home. Helpful tips are plentiful on how to disinfect reusable shopping bags, cleaning kids and pet toys, as well as laundry tips. Hydrogen Peroxide is found in almost any drug store, grocery store or gas station. At less than $15 for 6 bottles, this is a steal, don’t sleep on it! Disinfect your home, office and your car in an affordable way. At this price, Hydrogen Peroxide is the most effective and economical way to pursue covid-19 cleaning without harming the earth, animals, children, the elderly and the immunocompromised. Stock up today!



Another common and inexpensive covid-19 cleaning agent that is safe? Citric Acid. Originally it was derived from lemons, today surprisingly, lemons only make up 1%. The rest is derived from Aspergillus niger (A. niger) and this is how they make it in mass quantity. As a stand alone cleaner it does an excellent job disinfecting and even removing stains!

You can also combine citric acid with Hydrogen Peroxide or baking soda to enhance Citric Acid’s already amazing abilities. Kim at the “Adulting Is Hard” Blog will save you some time researching about how to clean with Citric Acid, because she did it for you and wrote a post called, “21 Unbelievable DIY Cleaning Uses for Citric Acid”. She gets detailed about how easy it is to make Citric Acid a staple cleaner in your home. From Laundry to stainless steel to tile, citric acid will clean and disinfect for covid-19! Works on so many surfaces while being safe for pets and small children, its effective for Covid-19 cleaning.


There are more non toxic cleaners on the list such as iodine or ion silver that are also non toxic will disinfect when you are covid-19 cleaning your home or office, but they are not as readily available. You can make ion silver at home, but it does require some effort. Many people make it at home and have great results.


Covid-19 cleaning is necessary for all of us now. It is a positive way for us to protect our families, friends and coworkers, please share this blog with all of them on your social media so they can benefit from it. After you disinfect for covid, please enjoy our last blog post, “Top 5 You Tubers Help You Organize” and you’ll be able to get on top of your Spring cleaning this year. Stay healthy, friends!


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