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Blue Bell Ice Cream Recall – Easy Dumpster Rental to Help With Disposal Of Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream Recall

Savoring a lick of vanilla ice cream is like tasting a piece of heaven and the last thing you expect is that you could be putting your health at risk. However, when the news broke April 21, 2015 that 10 people had been infected by Listeria monocytogenes, many people had to give up their favorite treat.
Listeria monocytogenes is a bacterium that can cause Listeriosis, a severe infection of the spinal cord and brain. Pregnant women, infants, elderly persons, and individuals with weak immune systems are at a higher risk of Listeriosis. Symptoms of the infection include fever, diarrhea, nausea, and muscles cramps; however, if you’re pregnant you may only experience flu-like symptoms.
Blue Bell and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams have recalled hundreds of their products, from ice cream to frozen yogurts, raising many questions as to whether or not they had contributed to the outbreak. Jeff Ventura of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that they are “continuing to investigate both situations and will provide updated information to consumers as we learn more.”
See the problem is, listeria is usually destroyed in the pasteurization process. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Jeni’s has not been linked to be linked to any of the illnesses, yet. However, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture is said to have discovered the pathogen in a sample of Jeni’s ice cream taken from a Whole Foods store located in Lincoln, which may explain the recall. The company said it will not supply retail outlets until it can guarantee that its products are safe.
This is the company’s first recall in 100+ years. Through a statement issued on their website, the company informed the public that they are in constant communication with their suppliers in order to determine if the pathogen was introduced to their products by one of the ingredients provided. Blue Bell’s facilities in Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama were shutdown last week and will remain closed for the coming weeks until the problem has been addressed. The FDA is undergoing investigation in all three plants and will be evaluating the company’s progress in removing the pathogen from their products. To check if your product is part of a recall use this link to see the full list of items.
Starting next Monday, Blue Bell will begin a thorough cleaning procedure at all its ice cream plants. Changes will be made to equipment’s in each plant and employees will be retrained on maintaining proper preventative and cleaning procedures at all times. All products made during the revamp process will be used for testing and will not be distributed to customers. Joe Robertson, Blue Bell’s spokesman told ABC that “We just needed to set a reset button and get it right,” stating that they are unsure when they will begin normal production.
Dr. Robert Tauxe of the CDC stated earlier this week that the incident should serve as a “wakeup call” not just for Blue Bell but for ice cream companies nationwide. Listeria was associated with 30 deaths back in 2011 and although these was not caused by milk based products, the infection should be contained at all cost.
Easy Dumpster Rental has formed an alliance with Blue Bell to haul away all contaminated products nationwide. We anticipate to dispose of over 500 Tons of ice cream throughout the process. Frozen yogurts, ice creams, ice sandwiches, and sorbets among other items, will be hauled away by us from several Blue Bell facilities and disposed of safely. Our goal, is to remove all the products that may cause a health risk, in a timely and discreet manner – so that we can quickly go back to enjoy our favorite Blue Bell ice cream without worry. Easy Dumpster Rental is always ready to offer our dumpster services to clients in need as an extension of our devotion to keep our communities safe and clean. Contact us Today for information on our disposal services or request a free quote.

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