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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Chula Vista, CA?

Chula Vista dumpster rental prices can be affected by many factors such as travel distance to and from the landfill, type of material, material dumping costs, possible municipal franchise fees, and permits. Chula Vista dumpster prices range from $611 for a 10 yard dumpster up to $908 for a 30 yard dumpster. See below for a full list of Chula Vista dumpster costs:

Pricing updated on Dec 05, 2023 13:33:00

Dumpster SizeLow End*High End*
10 Yard Household$599$843
10 Yard Construction$608$852
10 Yard Concrete**$654$802
15 Yard Household$637$884
15 Yard Construction$650$892
15 Yard Concrete**$570$802
20 Yard Household$652$894
20 Yard Construction$670$893
20 Yard Concrete**$603$808
30 Yard Household$667$909
30 Yard Construction$684$918
40 Yard$774$992

*The dumpster pricing above reflects the actual costs of dumpsters rented in the Chula Vista area. Current landfill tipping costs range from $95 per ton to $127 per ton or $10 per yard to $27 per yard. Use our dumpster rental calculator to estimate the size roll off you’ll need for your household or construction project, then call 1-888-792-7833 to receive your exact Chula Vista dumpster costs. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

**Concrete can be disposed of at no additional cost, however, there are factors that will cause disposal fees. These factors include the dumpster containing any other types of debris such as dirt, rebar and construction or household materials as well as access to a recycling facility in the area. For more information, please call 1-888-792-7833.

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What to do with Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, or what is referred to as E-Waste, is becoming an increasing problem for waste disposal (thigs lie, computers, monitors, laptops, fax machines, printers, copiers, televisions, and other items). As we continue to upgrade our gadgets more often and get more technology we produce greater burdens for landfills. For this reason, many states and counties are prohibiting these items from landfills, which means that is prohibited from our trash and dumpster bins. If you are cleansing or renovating your home or business, you might produce more electronic waste than you thought you could. But don’t worry, Easy Dumpster Rental helps its clients at every stage of the dumpster rental process so that you are never alone. If you live in Chula Vista, there are three sites that accept electronic waste:

  • Main Street Recycling, located at 1751 Fourth Avenue in Chula Vista.
  • Eastlake Self Storage, located at 2351 Boswell Road in Chula Vista.
  • The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at 1800 Maxwell Road in Chula Vista.
Recycling Construction and Demolition Debris

The environmental industry has made significant advances in the area of processing construction and demolition debris. In many cases, processing centers are able to reuse and repurpose construction and demolition debris. For this reason, the City of Chula Vista has an ordinance (CVMC 8.25.095) is designed to direct more construction and demolition debris to special processing instead of sending it all to the landfill. Accordingly, the City demands that one hundred percent to inert materials must be recycled and reused and sixty-five percent of other materials are also recycled or reused. Inert materials include:

  • Brick, concrete, asphalt, masonry, and tile.
  • Dirt and rock from the ground.
  • Mixed construction and demolition debris.
  • Yard waste in the form of landscaping waste and brush clearing including trees and stumps.

Other items that are not considered inert and must be reused and recycled at sixty-five percent include:

  • Cabinets, doors, fixtures, and windows.
  • Roofing materials and drywall that are either used or new.
  • Cardboard, carpet, and carpeting foam.
  • Stucco, unpainted wood, and pallets.
  • Acoustic ceiling tile and scrap metals.
  • Some mixture of the items on this list.

To ensure that these items are processed in a regulated way, a Waste Management Report (WMR) is required before a demolition or building permit will be released by the City.

Keeping Chula Vista Green

Chula Vista is a beautiful place that residents and the local government want to keep clean for years to come. For this reason, the City works to promote renewable and efficient energy for its residents. The Home Upgrade, Carbon Downgrade Program is designed to regulate and push Chula Vista residents to upgrade their homes to be more energy efficient in three areas:

  1. Projects that lower long-term residential utility costs.
  2. Improvements that reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Promote green improvements that produce local economic benefits.

There are several methods of promoting the above goals including:

  • Free home energy checkups and free home energy analyses can tell you if you are using your water and energy efficiently.
  • The energy outreach program is designed to go the next step and help residents find new ways to save energy and reducer their energy bills.
  • Finally, Chula Vista’s solar Powering Chula Vista is a program that can help residents get permits for solar panels and even help low-income families receive incentives for solar panels.
Quick Facts of Chula Vista

Those of us from Chula Vista know that the name means “beautiful views” in Spanish. And those of us that live here also know exactly why it is named that. The location of Chula Vista places it between the San Diego Bay and the coastal mountain foothills that make a memorable sight and offer five hundred and thirty-five acres of waterfront. The location of Chula Vista is also a great location for other reasons. It is located between the downtowns of San Diego and Tijuana and enjoys great diversity with a population of more than two hundred and forty-three thousand residents.

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