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Dumpster Rental Pricing in Pearl is Based on Many Different Factors
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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Landfill & drop off Locations in Pearl, MS

    a) Locations

Pearl Landfill
201 Compactor Road
Trash/Compactor Station: 601-932-9222
City of Pearl Public Works Department
2418 Old Brandon Rd
Pearl, MS 39208

    b) Recycling

Resident of Pearl have to use Rankin County recycling locations. They have two locations:

  • 1710 Marquette Road
  • Spillway behind the Reservoir Fire Department

these two locations will accept PET 1 Plastics, Newsprint and Aluminum.

    c) Hazardous Waste

Curbside pickup does not collect hazardous waste, but will get empty paint cans if  their lids have been removed and all contents are dry.
Pearl resident that have Refrigerant system to dispose have option where their curbside pickup will get their items for additional cost as part of Rankin County’s contract.
Disposing of AC, refrigerators, freezers you MUST have first Freon removed by certified technician, which has to be showing certification removal sticker. Call 601-922-9647 to schedule pickup.

    d) Yard debris in Pearl, MS

Yard waste for the residents of Pearl will also fall in Rankin County’s contract in the 2nd service day pickup.
Items have to be cut down to not longer than 5 feet, not grater than 8 inches in diameter and not weighing more than 60 pounds.

    e) Bulk Items

Resident of Pearl, MS that would like to dispose their bulk items themselves have an option to take their large items to 1710 Marquette Road for drop-off.

OK, Iv’e Ordered my Dumpster, What’s the Next Step?

Before the delivery day of your dumpster it is important to take the following steps. Where on the property will be the ideal location for the rollloff? We like to do as little driving over your lawn as possible. Dumpsters are very heavy even without the junk your going to add. The best place is to put in the street. However, have Easy Dumpster Rental check with The City officials of Pearl to inquire if a permit will be needed. Or, you can do your own research into the permitting process. The next best place is in the driveway. If we need to offload the dumpster on your lawn please lay down some plywood to help minimize any damage. Especially if we are going to be travelling over a good part of your lawn. The plywood will help support the dumpster  and if it is going on the driveway, ensure there is some plywood available to put under the wheels. If you follow these steps it will reduce or eliminate any damage to your property.
Also, we need clearance, usually 70 feet to access your property. Make sure there are no utility lines hanging overhead. Trees limbs or branches should be either removed or pulled out of the way temporarily if there are any chances they will be an impediment to placing the dumpster right where you want it. Easy Dumpster Rental cannot be held liable for any damage, so make sure we have easy access. It is a good idea to be home on the day of delivery so their is no confusion where the rolloff is to be placed. If you the homeowner can’t be there, please have someone you can depend on to meet us on site. If that is not possible, please give detailed instructions to the sales rep so there is nothing left to chance. Drawing a map of the property is a great solution.
Once you have filled your dumpster, give us a call for a pick up or go online to put in a pick up time and day. We try to make this experience simple and easy. We will, if needed, instruct you how to fill the bin and give you pointers in maximizing all the space. Easy Dumpster Rental has been in the rental business for over 15 years and have rented over 1000,000 rolloffs. So we are pretty sure we have a strong grasp on the rental industry. And we can offer you great pricing in Pearl. And, we will beat or match any competitors prices.
Renting a dumpster is not a complicated process. But we want to ensure that you are completely understand the process. We have sales reps with a ton of of experience in the sanitation industry and there probably isn’t a question they haven’t heard before or situation that they haven’t come across in their many years of service. We are confident that we have the experience to pass on to you, so from delivery to pick up you will have a seamless transaction. All of our prices are up front with no surprise fees. We take pride in the fact that our pricing model is so transparent that not only will you be happy with the rate but like many customers before you, you will rent from us again. Give us a call, and discover The Easy Dumpster Rental way. You will not be disappointed.

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