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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Sparks, NV?

Sparks dumpster rental prices can be affected by many factors such as travel distance to and from the landfill, type of material, material dumping costs, possible municipal franchise fees, and permits. Sparks dumpster prices range from $378 for a 10 yard dumpster up to $754 for a 30 yard dumpster. See below for a full list of Sparks dumpster costs:

Pricing updated on Feb 28, 2024 05:04:48

Dumpster SizeLow End*High End*
10 Yard Household$366$611
10 Yard Construction$382$628
10 Yard Concrete**$421$642
15 Yard Household$392$626
15 Yard Construction$403$635
15 Yard Concrete**$431$648
20 Yard Household$455$707
20 Yard Construction$489$726
20 Yard Concrete**$505$729
30 Yard Household$513$751
30 Yard Construction$539$764
40 Yard$628$875

*The dumpster pricing above reflects the actual costs of dumpsters rented in the Sparks area. Current landfill tipping costs range from $57 per ton to $82 per ton or $6 per yard to $12 per yard. Use our dumpster rental calculator to estimate the size roll off you’ll need for your household or construction project, then call us to receive your exact Sparks dumpster costs. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

**Concrete can be disposed of at no additional cost, however, there are factors that will cause disposal fees. These factors include the dumpster containing any other types of debris such as dirt, rebar and construction or household materials as well as access to a recycling facility in the area. For more information, please call us.

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Get an Easy Dumpster Rental Bin For Your Next Project in Sparks

Sparks is a great city with a number of things that attract so many visitors and an increasing number of residents that enjoy the Nugget Casino Resort, the Outlets at Legends, and the Sparks Marina, which we often just call “The Marina.” The city has over one thousand residents in which most of us own our homes. We enjoy great nightlife, diversity, and a family-friendly lifestyle with very good schools.

In a dynamic town like Sparks, many of us have projects that we want to get started to improve our homes or businesses. If you are one of these people, remember to get a dumpster lined up from Easy Dumpster Rental. They call themselves Easy Dumpster Rental because they work hard to make every part of the process easy.  Start by getting a fast and personalized fast dumpster quote to see how much you can save.

Then order a roll-off dumpster according to your schedule. If you are in a rush, we can deliver your order within twenty-four hours. After that, disposal of your waste is also like an easy Spring breeze. Finally, when you are done with your dumpster, simply request dumpster pickup and specify your preferred day for pickup.

Some of our clients have larger projects that require that bins are emptied and returned to their site or sites.  For this reason, Easy Dumpster Rental offers its “Dump and Return” service, which conveniently collects bins, disposes of their contents, and promptly returns them to their sites to be filled again.  This process can either be scheduled in advance or addressed in a more flexible manner if preferred.

Don’t Forget to Check for a Building Permit

Permits are generally required to demolish, construct, alter, repair, or change a structure. If you war working on construction on a building that involves any portion of the structural components, such as the foundation, the frame, the roof, or the electrical, mechanical, or plumbing features you may need a permit. Some examples of alterations that will likely need permitting include work on:

  • Fences, sheds, and playground houses of more than two hundred square feet.
  • Water heaters and furnaces.
  • Pools and spas.
  • Demolitions, relocating or addition of plumbing and electrical features, and roofing projects.

Some things that may not require permitting are things like replacing doors and windows, coverings, cabinets, molding, residential lights, residential plumbing fixtures, and placing less than one hundred square feet of drywall.

What Can’t Go in a Dumpster Bin

We begin a project and get that great Easy Dumpster Rental bin, we feel like it can handle all of our needs. And a great bin will take care of most of your waste. But there are things that should not go into a landfill, such as electronic waste, appliances (e-waste), and household hazardous waste, that are not allowed in your trash or your bin. In addition, responsible bin users often separate their recycling to ensure that the item does not end up in a bin.

Where to Take Electronic Waste and Household Hazardous Waste

But where do you go with these items? One way to get rid of these items is to participate in the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event each year. The event takes place at 1455 East Greg Street in Sparks and can accept the following items:

  • Electronic waste items such as televisions, computers, laptops, computer monitors, printers, cell phones, answering machines, radios, stereos, old VCRs, and microwaves.
  • Items with mercury such as thermometers.
  • Batteries of all kinds.
  • Chemicals for painting (e.g. paintings and coatings) solvents and glues, and chemicals for the pool, household cleaners, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, used oil, and automotive fluids.
  • Those old prescriptions medicines and medical sharps.

The first fifty pounds are free for residents of Sparks.

Self-haul Some Waste to Landfill

If you are working on a project, you may have so much extra waste or recycling that you decide to take a load in on your own. Some people also rent a single-use dumpster bin that is cheaper because there is no sorting fee but is limited to one type of waste such as construction and demolition debris or municipal waste. In these and other cases, you may find yourself bringing in a load on your own to save money.

Fortunately, Sparks has several locations to accommodate self hauling including:

  • The Lockwood Landfill at 2700 East Mustang Road in Sparks.
  • The Commercial Row Transfer Station at1390 East Commercial Row in Reno.
  • The Stead Transfer Station at 13890 Mt. Anderson Road in Reno.

Access to the Commercial Row Transfer Station, Stead Transfer Station, or the Lockwood Regional Landfill, four times a year at no additional cost, beginning January 1, 2016.

The Lockwood Landfill Facility, for example, covers about three thousand and two hundred acres of open land with about five hundred and fifty-five acres of actual landfill. It is certified by the National Wildlife Habitat Council and is the home to wild mustangs, raptors, and other indigenous wildlife.

Bulk items can be taken to the Lockwood Landfill for free and include household appliances, such as refrigerators (without coolant), hot water heaters, stoves, dishwashers washers, and dryers) as well as furniture such as mattresses, chairs, mattresses, and even box springs.

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