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Easy Dumpster Rental is the number one dumpster rental company because they have been providing the best service across the country for less than the other guys. One reason is that we have developed a massive inventory that crosses the country. Many competitors do not have a bin near you, so they must charge more to ship it over and waste time. But Easy dumpster Rental always has been near you and guarantees its best prices and service.

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  1. Don’t stress and fret. Easy Dumpster Rental guarantees its service and its prices.
  2. If you are working on your home or business, we have the perfect bin for your unique job.
  3. Fifteen or twenty cubic yard bins are the best for renovating part of your home or business.
  4. Thirty cubic yard dumpsters are perfect for more intensive remodeling or putting on a new roof.
  5. Our forty-cubic yard bin is the flagship of contractors and is great for building or heavy renovations.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Portland, OR?

Portland dumpster rental prices can be affected by many factors such as travel distance to and from the landfill, type of material, material dumping costs, possible municipal franchise fees, and permits. Portland dumpster prices range from $425 for a 10 yard dumpster up to $793 for a 30 yard dumpster. See below for a full list of Portland dumpster costs:

Pricing updated on Feb 27, 2024 14:06:25

Dumpster SizeLow End*High End*
10 Yard Household$413$663
10 Yard Construction$403$653
10 Yard Concrete**$519$650
15 Yard Household$443$693
15 Yard Construction$423$667
15 Yard Concrete**$543$675
20 Yard Household$535$704
20 Yard Construction$463$695
20 Yard Concrete**$470$723
30 Yard Household$525$793
30 Yard Construction$553$803
40 Yard$643$875

*The dumpster pricing above reflects the actual costs of dumpsters rented in the Portland area. Current landfill tipping costs range from $67 per ton to $110 per ton or $10 per yard to $20 per yard. Use our dumpster rental calculator to estimate the size roll off you’ll need for your household or construction project, then call us to receive your exact Portland dumpster costs. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

**Concrete can be disposed of at no additional cost, however, there are factors that will cause disposal fees. These factors include the dumpster containing any other types of debris such as dirt, rebar and construction or household materials as well as access to a recycling facility in the area. For more information, please call us.

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Self Hauling You Waste

Portland can be a great place to work on your next project. When you do get an Easy Dumpster Rental, you get the perfect size bin for your next project with the guaranteed best service.

When you get your dumpster, it is a good idea to keep in mind places to bring your waste yourself. It may be counterintuitive to self-haul you waste, but self hauling can be an advantage. For example, you may wish to separate your recycling from the rest of your debris to keep extra space in your bin and to ensure that those recyclable items do not accidentally find their way to a landfill.

Metro Central transfer station

Additionally, if you have any hazardous items, you cannot place these items in your dumpster or in your trash by law. In these cases, Easy Dumpster Rental helps you to find the necessary resources to easily complete your project. One excellent resource is the Metro Central transfer station at:

  • 6161 NW 61st Ave, Portland, OR 97210.
  • Phone: (503) 234-3000.
  • Monday to Sunday 8 am to 7 pm.
  • The transfer station will accept regular waste, recycling, and hazardous waste.

Additionally, self hauling can be a great option if you have a single-use dumpster bin. Single-use bins cost less because there is no cost for sorting your refuge after we take your bin. If you are working on a construction project or landscaping project or some other single-use customers can save by specifying their waste. If you then find you have some extra waste that does not conform to the bin, the transfer station can be a great option for your project.

Keeping Portland Green

Those of us that live in Portland know Portland as a place the country sees Portland: as a beautiful city. One of the ways that we maintain a great city is through the establishment of a tree canopy that integrates natural pristine beauty with architectural beauty. The history of trees in the city of Portland is one that is strategically through the City Council for the of trees that are very old, unique, or significant to horticulture experts.

These trees are called Heritage Trees, and over three hundred Heritage Trees across the city and the number increases each year. These trees are so protected that to prune or apply any chemicals on a Heritage Tree, regardless of whether or not it is on city land or private property, it is necessary to attain a permit from the Urban Forestry Department and undergo a sight visit from an Urban Forestry Tree Inspector.

Cleaning Up the Environment Portland

Keeping the environment clean is important to the City of Portland. At the same time, a highly populated city can generate pollution. For this reason, the City works to clean up existing damage to the environment. One way that the environment is damaged is when properties have been expanded, redeveloped, or reused in a way that has generated the development of some type of pollutants, containment, or hazardous substances.

As such the Environmental Protection Agency offers a number of Brownfield programs to provide grants to promote the cleanup of brownfield sites through grants that are administered with local authorities under the EPA’s Brownfields and Land Revitalization Program. The City of Portland works with the EPA to offer financial assistance for projects that are eligible for development. If you are considering applying for a Brownfields and Land Revitalization Grant, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. You must have acquired the property after its contamination and cannot be the party responsible for the contamination.
  2. You and your projects must demonstrate a financial need for funding.
  3. Your project must provide a community benefit of some sort (e.g. the development of new jobs, the creation of new goods, services, or amenities, the reduction of a health hazard of some kind, or the revitalization of a formerly used site.

For more information contact the Portland Brownfield Program at 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 1000, in Portland.

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