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The city of Florence is the county seat of Lauderdale County in Alabama in the northwest part of the state. For residents of Florence, the Solid waste and Recycling Department manages and city owned and operated landfill that is located on Savannah Highway.
Landfill Location
Solid Waste Department
29485 County Road 14
Florence, AL 35633

Landfill Hours: Mon. –Fri. 7:00 to 3:30 p.m
Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Scale House Phone: 256-760-6399

Office Location
Solid Waste Department
450 Country Club Drive
Florence, AL 35633

Office Hours: Mon. – Fri. 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Phone: 256-760-6495

The city also offers a weekly garbage collection service. Carts should be placed at your curb by 7:00 a.m. and at least 3 feet away from trees, cars, fences, etc.


In an effort to control and lower wastes, Florence offers recycling services to all residents.

Acceptable Recyclable Materials:

  • Paper (magazines, newspapers, office paper, junk mail, etc.)
  • Plastic (milk jugs, whipped cream tubs, soda bottles, shampoo, etc.)
  • Cardboard (cereal boxes, paper rolls, corrugated boxes, etc.)
  • Metal Cans (steel, aluminum, pet food cans, soda cans, etc.)

For further information, you can call the Director of Solid Waste and Recycling at 256-760-6466.

Hazardous Waste

We couldn’t find any information on the disposal of hazardous waste in Florence. The Lauderdale County site states that hazardous materials are not to be disposed of at the county landfill. For requests to remove hazardous materials contact the Lauderdale County Solid waste Department located at:
5700 Hwy 157 N. (Cloverdale Road)
Florence, AL 35633
Phone: 256-760-5878

Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00-12:00

Yard Waste

We could not find city information for yard waste outside of leaf collection in the fall. Republic Services does the supply yard waste removal for the Florence area you can contact them at 256-637-9211.

Bulk Items

The city of Florence does not offer bulk waste removal. You can contact the office for further information (256) 760-6460. Republic Services also provides bulk waste removal for the area. You can reach them at 256-637-9211.

How a Dumpster Can Be Of Assistance When You Are Faced With A Disaster Caused By Mother Nature

Florence, Alabama is the home of Sam Phillips, the record producer who discovered Elvis. And countless other well-known musicians, professional athletes, and notable individuals. The City of Florence is also part of The Shoals, which includes Muscle Shoals, where at one time anybody who was anybody in music made a pilgrimage there to record their music. Well, were not in the music business and we can’t even carry a tune, but we can carry your junk and trash to the landfill for you. And, though we don’t like to think of it, but no part of the country is immune from facing a natural disaster. They can happen anytime, day or night, spring or summer, fall or winter. Disasters wreck havoc on people’s lives on thousands of different levels. Families and communities are never the same. But after the disaster has inflicted its damage, life must continue on. And Easy Dumpster is here to help. We can offer Rolloff-Dumpsters in 4 sizes to help you carry away the damage and begin the rebuilding process. Our sales team will be there in your time of need and be able to offer your great prices and will not take advantage of you during this terrible period. Just call our office and we will have a quote for you in minutes and have a dumpster on your site within 24 hours or sooner. Just let us know when it is filled and we will haul off to the landfill for you. We hope that Florence is never hit with a disaster but if you are, Easy Dumpster Rental will be by your side helping you navigate this horrible moment in your life.

If Your Planning On Doing Small Projects Around The Home Or Yard, We Can Help

We help families just like you get rid of junk from their home or yards. Easy Dumpster Rental is been helping families for over 15 years remove waste and materials off their properties. With over 100,000 dumpsters rented, we like to think we have a handle on the situation. We have the experience you can count on. Don’t waste your time with a company that just opened shop. They will not have the industry contacts that make a company like ours successful, reliable, and cost effective. It takes the time to build a great infrastructure and we have that in spades. Our brand took years to build. Trust doesn’t happen overnight. You typically don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. It takes the time to build up relationships. We have many loyal customers that have been with us for years. Why? Because they know that we can be trusted, we don’t make promises that we can’t fulfill, and are prices can’t be beaten. So, give us a call and experience the best rental company in America or simply request a quote online. You’ll be glad you did.

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