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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Granite City’s Productive History

Since its founding, Granite City has been a place of hard work and productivity. The original production of a plant for granite utensils to a home today for many companies, such as American Steel, Heidtman Steel, U.S. Steel, Precoat Metals, Capri-Sun, Kraft Foods, and Prairie Farms.

As a historical home to industry, it is a place of commercial and residential expansion. As such, there are a number of reasons to rent a rollaway dumpster bin for any type of protest. Any productive economy finds itself constantly upgrading physical structures and equipment as well as its ambiance. All of these activities require removing things that are old, and this process is most easily and efficiently done with an open-top-dumpster-bin from Easy Dumpster Rental.

Renting a Rollaway Dumpster Bin in Granite City

There are many projects that are great for a dumpster. If you are working on a smaller project, like cleaning a garage or shed, the ten-cubic yard dumpster starts for under three hundred dollars and will save time and money in the long run. Commercial projects range from building homes or new commercial real estate to moving earth and landscaping. For these, Easy Dumpster Rental offers thirty-cubic yards dumpster and even a forty-cubic yard dumpster that will handle four tons of debris and can serve almost any project. Similarly, the “baby bear option” is the twenty-cubic yard dumpster that is right in between the large and small models. This unit can handle about eight loads off of a pickup truck and is a very affordable option.

Saving Money and Helping the Environment

Dumpsters are a part of life everywhere as they help projects get done. Without a dumpster, it would be impossible to build, tear down, or even have a large event that requires cleanup. Easy Dumpster Rental loves to make renting a dumpster easy and affordable for everyone, and we also like saving our customers money while helping the environment. One way that we advise our customers to save money is to recycle many items separately. This process ensures that recyclables are kept separate from the landfill, where we don’t want it to go. In a world in which over four pounds of garbage is generated by each person daily, there is about one-quarter million tons of waste annually, making it critical to recycle a large portion of the refuse. Since 1985, the amount of waste that is being recycled has risen from between sixteen and seventeen percent to almost thirty-five percent in 2012; however, the mass of municipal waste that is generated is more than quadrupled in the same period. As such, it is becoming increasingly important to keep recycling more and more as a percentage of municipal waste.

Make Your Dumpster a Green Dumpster

The advantage of recycling when you rent a dumpster is that recycling is almost always processed for free. It is a service that we generally accept without thinking, but it is a great value when we start thinking of waste generation in large amounts and the associated costs. In some cases, you can even earn a quick buck when recycling metals, for example. But where can you go to recycling all of these complex items that can be generated on a job or even cleaning a shed? Don’t worry, Easy Dumpster Rental is here to help you at every step of the way.

General recycling, such as paper, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, aluminum, and steel cans, plastic containers, glass bottles, can be taken to any Granite City elementary school for processing. How easy is that? In addition, Madison County offers the following recycling centers:

  • 25th Street in Granite City (near the railroad tracks).
  • 1 Emma Kaus Lane in Alton (between the Public Works building and the Police Department Training Center.
  • There is a facility in the Home Depot parking lot at 2500 Troy Road (open weekdays only).
  • In Hamel, there is a facility at 403 Old US Route 66 (near the Hamel Community Fire Protection District Office).
  • 4303 Marine Road in Marine (near the Marine Township Highway Garage).
  • In Maryville, go to 8 Schiber Court near the community library.
  • Residents may also utilize the facility at 8363 East Frontage Road in New Douglas (just look at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall).
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