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Hastings since 1871, Solid Waste and Other Landfill Info

The city of Hastings was founded in 1872 when the area was mostly an open plain.  Decades earlier John Fremont and Kit Carson camped in the area during the exploratory work, and the first house was later built by Walter Micklen in 1871.  The growth of the settlement, however, took off when First Railroad reached Hastings and other areas that and enabled commercial flows that led to the founding of Hastings.

Hasting’s Urban Forest

Hasting City takes care to protect its trees and promote more trees.  The City notes that trees have a number of benefits.  For example, over the course of fifty years, which is not very much for a tree, it will generate over thirty thousand dollars in oxygen, over sixty thousand dollars of air pollution abatement, and effectively recycling over thirty-seven thousand gallons of water.  These beautiful natural monuments also reduce erosion of soil and facilitate natural habitats for wildlife.  The City cites the National Arbor Day Foundation as a resource to helps residents to effectively plant trees on their properties in a way that maximizes the beautiful green canopy but avoids power lines or other problems.

Solid Waste

The City of Hastings Solid Waste Landfill/Wood Waste Facility is located at 725 S. Southern Hills Drive and serves the solid waste needs of Hastings and Adams County and five other additional counties: Clay County, Nuckolls County, Webster County, Franklin County, and Kearney County.  While for most projects we advise renting a dumpster, which can be as cheap as $299 from Easy Dumpster Rental, you may have limited needs or want to rent a dumpster and take in additional waste yourself. The following fees are charged for tipping at the Solid Waste Landfill/Wood Waste Facility:

  • Solid waste (municipal waste) is charged at thirty-eight dollars per ton.
  • Industrial waste is codified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and is disposed of for seventy-six dollars per ton.
  • Special waste costs over ninety dollars per ton.
  • If you have contaminated soil or sand, it costs thirty-eight dollars per ton for disposal.
  • Tires can be deposited for five dollars and fifty cents per passenger tire, seven dollars and fifty cents for truck tires, and large tires for twelve dollars and fifty cents.
  • An appliance container Freon costs ten dollars and fifty cents for disposal.
  • Wood waste is thirty-eight dollars per ton.
  • If you have yard waste in the form of grass or leaves, it will cost thirty-eight dollars per ton.
  • Used oil and antifreeze cost just twenty-five cents per ton.
 Modern Landfills

It is easy to think about how many things have advanced with changing technology.  Our phones, cars, televisions, and even the garbage trucks seem to advance over time.  But we don’t think of landfills as being anything other than landfills.  But in reality, landfills also have been advancing with technology.

  • The first way that modern landfills have advanced is by increasing the extent to which the landfill containers contamination from the land and water around it.  By designing multilayer systems, the decomposing waste is contained in a certain area and often covered when not in use.
  • A second way that modern landfills have been advanced with time is by the creation of bioreactor landfills. These systems place piping into the landfill to circulate air and/or leachate waters to speed the process of decomposition at a much faster rate.  As the waste decomposes, more room is made for new waste.
  • The third area of progress has been the generation of energy.  As waste breaks down, it creates gasses including methane gas.  In the past (and sometime in the present) the gases are burnt so that they do not enter the atmosphere.  But increasingly gases are collected and used to heat homes.  In bioreactor landfills, the faster decomposition creates the same amount of methane gas but produces this gas at an accelerated rate.
  • Finaly, many landfills are even transformed into recreational areas after they are retired. In a number of cases, these recreational areas have running trials, dog parts, and park areas where families gather and sometime fly kites.  You may have even been on a former landfill and not known it.
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