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Sometimes people ask why we are called Easy Dumpster Rental. Is renting a dumpster difficult? In truth, it often is but it should not be. We offer great tools that will enable you to accurately estimate your dumpster size for your project and work with our clients to avoid any extra fees or penalties. And we can get your bin to you within twenty-four hours and then take it away when you want it to disappear. Try us today.

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Going Green with a Dumpster Bin

Although the government does much to promote environmentalism, it is also important to do what we can to reduce our footprint. Easy Dumpster Rental helps its clients to do this by advising through are fifteen years of experience. One way to make sure that your dumpster bin minimizes environmental damage is to work with a transfer station.

Transfer stations are intended to place more locations to bring in your waste. After sorting these trucks take waste to the appropriate disposal facility, minimizing the carbon footprint caused by transportation costs.

Transfer stations can also bring things that you may not want to place into your bin or cannot legally place in your bin. Things that you cannot place into your bin include things like household hazardous waste, electronics (such as your old computer or television), appliances, and special waste such as tires.

Other items, such as recycling, can be placed in your dumpster bin but it is better to separate these items and processes through a recycling center. Separating your recycling guarantees that recycling does not get lost in the sorting process and saves space in your bin for things that cost money for disposal.

Factoria Recycling and Transfer Station

There are many transfer stations and recycling centers in the general area. In Bellevue, the closest facility is the Factoria Recycling and Transfer Station which is located at 13800 Southeast 32nt Street in Bellevue. The Center can accept the following items for recycling:

  • Appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, heating pumps, and other items).
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Fluorescent lights, bulbs, and tubes.
  • Landscaping waste or yard waste.
  • Metals in the form of aluminum, steel, and tin cans and both ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • Paper from office paper to poly-coated cardboard.
  • Medical sharps.
  • Textiles.
Bellevue’s Downtown Park

Numerous cities in American and around the world have taken advantage of the beauty of a large and open downtown park that brings natural beauty to an urban environment. The incredible Bellevue Downtown Park spans over twenty acres with an oasis of green in the center of Bellevue surrounded by buildings. It offers a one-half-mile promenade with an incredible double row of shade trees. The stepped canal brings two hundred and forty-foot waterfall that cascades into a reflecting pool. Ther is also a ten-acre lawn for a game of frisbee or a family picnic with a view of Bellevue’s skyline and Mount Rainier in the backdrop and delightful play area and formal gardens make for great events and gatherings.

Being Green in Bellevue

Living in a beautiful city like Bellevue inspires one to protect the natural beauty of the areas. For the City of Bellevue, this includes a range of environmental initiatives that use taxpayer money to attempt to preserve the environment from planting trees to combating climate change. There are many initiatives, but three cental jobs are considered the core of the Bellevue Environmental Stewardship Program.

  • First, the adoption of the Sustainable Bellevue: Environmental Stewardship Plan is designed to coordinate all city activities with positive environmental outcomes and minimize environmental damage. The plan outlines seventy-seven initiatives and policies that support the Environmental Stewardship goals.
  • Sustainable Bellevue Community Townhall: Community townhall on Tuesday, July 13 (originally scheduled for July 14), covered 2021 implementation plans, the 2020 environmental performance report, and opportunities for further engagement.
  • Quarterly update to Council on July 19: Staff will update the City Council on the 2020 environmental performance report and recent accomplishments.
  • Trees for Bellevue: Tree Giveaway: This fall the city will give away 500 trees to Bellevue residents and community organizations. Learn more and apply at Tree Giveaway.

The plan has many lofty goals for the next ten years, including reduction of emission by half, reducing energy use by fifteen percent, increasing renewable energy by eighty percent, increasing the tree canopy by over two hundred acres, increasing use of electric cars, and carpooling, and recycling of more than fifty percent of waste. For more information contact the City of Bellevue at 450 110th Avenue NE in Bellevue.

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