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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Wake Forest, NC?

Wake Forest dumpster rental prices can be affected by many factors such as travel distance to and from the landfill, type of material, material dumping costs, possible municipal franchise fees, and permits. Wake Forest dumpster prices range from $391 for a 10 yard dumpster up to $772 for a 30 yard dumpster. See below for a full list of Wake Forest dumpster costs:

Pricing updated on Dec 04, 2023 15:10:18

Dumpster SizeLow End*High End*
10 Yard Household$379$615
10 Yard Construction$394$643
10 Yard Concrete**$482$610
15 Yard Household$439$659
15 Yard Construction$448$680
15 Yard Concrete**$509$612
20 Yard Household$467$729
20 Yard Construction$499$740
20 Yard Concrete**$562$712
30 Yard Household$539$794
30 Yard Construction$562$782
40 Yard$611$844

*The dumpster pricing above reflects the actual costs of dumpsters rented in the Wake Forest area. Current landfill tipping costs range from $64 per ton to $92 per ton or $11 per yard to $16 per yard. Use our dumpster rental calculator to estimate the size roll off you’ll need for your household or construction project, then call 1-888-792-7833 to receive your exact Wake Forest dumpster costs. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

**Concrete can be disposed of at no additional cost, however, there are factors that will cause disposal fees. These factors include the dumpster containing any other types of debris such as dirt, rebar and construction or household materials as well as access to a recycling facility in the area. For more information, please call 1-888-792-7833.

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Landfill and Quick Facts About Wake Forest

Wake Forest was settled in 1832 and has a population of 42,000 residents. The city has 15 sites on the National Registry of Historic Places including DuBois Center and the Powell House. There are 2 centers of higher education Wake Technical Community College and the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The town is also home to the Falls Lake State Recreation Area. It is comprised of 12,000 acres of water and 26,000 acres of woodlands. In addition to Falls Lake, there are a dozen other parks for the residents to enjoy. Through the recreation center, residents can enjoy baseball, softball, volleyball, and track and field. Some famous people from the area include the bluegrass band Chatham County Line, music producer Travis Cherry, and NBA player Randy Denton.

Landfill In Wake Forest

The South Wake Landfill
6300 Old Smithfield Road
Apex, NC 27539
Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat 8-4
Closed Sun
Acceptable Items

  • Municipal Solid Waste

Unacceptable Items

  • Construction and Demolition materials
  • Flammable wastes
  • Lead acid batteries
  • White goods
Recycling Options in Wake Forest

Department of Public Works
234 Friendship Chapel Road
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 7-3:30
(919) 435-9570
The city provides recycling bins for curbside pick up and here is a link to more info about recycling.
Acceptable Items

  • Paper
  • Glass bottles
  • Phonebooks
  • Paperboard

Unacceptable Items

  • Plastic bags
  • Styrofoam
  • Stamps and stickers
  • Pizza boxes

The Major Classifications of Landfills And Their Subsets

In 1976 the government established the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. This Act was developed to tackle the issue of the growing volume of waste the U.S. was facing. As a result, waste was classified to help better control and properly dispose of it. There are 2 major classifications of landfills, Subtitle “C” and Subtitle “D. ”  There are very stringent regulations which a landfill most follow especially with the design, the operations, and the eventual shutdown.
Subtitle C Landfills: Deal with the handling of hazardous waste. The main concern with hazardous waste is that it is handled in a safe fashion. Special handling is imperative to ensure that no terrible outcomes effect not only human health but our ecosystems as well.
Besides hazardous waste landfills, there were many Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Landfills. PCBs are man-made organic materials which were used for electrical insulation and electrical appliances. They were once used to spray on dirt roads to keep the dust from rising. After 1978 or so, they were banned from further use.
Landfills also monitor Leachate, which is a by-product of liquids that are already present in the waste and passes through the waste. The leachate can cause pollution to seep into our underground aquifers. Basically leachate collection systems consist of 3 parts:

  • A collection layer
  • Geotextile filters which are permeable fabrics that in the soil  have the ability to separate, filter and drain
  • A pipe system which is surrounded by a bed of gravel where the leachate is funneled to a sump.

What happens first is that a pump removes the leachate from the landfill. Then it is taken over to a  facility that manages leachate. All landfills are required to regulated and monitor the groundwater. This is to ensure that there is no contamination of underground water supplies.
This system consists of 3 phases. Detection, Assessment, and Corrective measures. Then after a landfill has served out its usefulness, it is closed and monitored for 30 years. There are systems in place to monitor air and water quality.
It is welcome news that the EPA and the RCRA are protecting us from the potential danger which could be truly problematic if not watched closely.
Subtitle D landfills: This comprises solid waste like your household garbage and industrial waste that is not toxic. There are other landfills that fall under the solid waste designation and include:

  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: They deal with household solid waste
  • Bioreactor Landfills: Degrade and transform organic waste
  • Industrial Waste Landfills: Receive commercial solid waste
  • Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill:  Construction site debris
  • Coal Combustion Residual Landfills: Dispose of coal combustion

And remember, when you need a waste removal company to transport household debris or your recyclables call us first, Easy Dumpster Rental for all of your disposal needs. We also rent construction bins for any size project. We have the lowest prices in the industry with over 16 years experience. Call the professionals and quickly discover why we are the fastest growing dumpster rental company in America.

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