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Be careful when you see a price that seems too good to be true. It usually is too good to be true. Many companies attempt to bait new bin rental customers with low but variable dumpster rates. These variable rates simply mean that they change as you go, and they tend to increase and not decrease. This means that the only thing you are guaranteed is an unwanted surprise. Get solid, candid rates with Easy Dumpster Rental.

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Dumpster Rental Pricing in Escondido is Based on Many Different Factors
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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Household Hazardous Waste

When you get a new dumpster bin, it is easy to think that almost anything can go in it. But there are some things that can ever go into your trash or into a dumpster bin. These include things like household hazardous waste and electronic waste. Electronic waste is typically diverted from landfills so that the components can be reused or disposed of in an environmental fashion.

Similarly, household hazardous waste can be dangerous to the environment, sanitation workers, and even public health. Yes, these items must be disposed of through professionals. If you are confused as to what entails household hazardous waste, household hazardous waste look for labels that are for cautionary language such as warning, danger, poison, toxic, flammable, or corrosive. These warnings are often designated hazardous items.

Additionally, medical waste is also considered hazardous waste and includes unused or expired prescription and over-the-counter drugs or medications, oral medications, and substances, and prescription or over the counter substances that are inhaled, injected, applied to the skin or eyes, or otherwise absorbed, veterinary drugs for your pets, diagnostic agents, and even nutritional supplements.

And finally, electronic waste includes things like computers, printers, copiers, stereo, fax machines, televisions, microwave ovens, VCRs, computer monitors, smartphones, and wireless funds.

Escondido: The Hidden City

Just eighteen miles inland of the ocean and one hundred miles south of booming Los Angeles and only thirty miles from San Deigo, the beautiful city of Escondido has been unofficially named the “hidden City.” The award-winning city of Escondido is a diverse, vibrant community with just the right mix of small-town friendliness and big-city buzz in a landscape that this surrounded by avocado and citrus groves.

Your Next Project in Escondido

For those of us living in Escondido, we are always thinking about our next project that can improve our home, our communities, and our businesses. Easy Dumpster Rental offers the strongest bins for both commercial and residential projects. If you are expanding your business, building a new home, or renovating an existing home or facility be sure to rent a great deal from Easy Dumpster Rental. Remember also that dumpster bins are not just for big projects anymore.

The cost of a dumpster has become increasingly affordable each year, in part due to companies that offer the best prices and continually make dumpster bins more affordable. If you are working on a smaller project like cleaning in your attic, cleaning out your garage, landscaping around your heart business, or engaging in some White renovations, easy dumpster rental has great bins that start as low as $299 and can hold a literal ton of debris. Contact us today to get a free dumpster quote and see how much we can save you.

Keeping Escondido Green

Living in a beautiful city is a great thing but it also comes with responsibility. The citizens of Escondido tend to be very serious about environmental issues as does the municipal government. Some of these efforts impact residential and commercial builders alike. If you are building a new home or business, is important to be aware of all existing and new regulations for new projects.

One measure that is intended to keep Escondido green has been the passage of the first “green building” electrification ordinance in San Diego County. The Green Building Electrification Ordinance was designed to severely limit the use of fossil fuels in new developments.

As such, it effectively bans natural gas from future homes and buildings and replaces it with water heaters, cooking ranges, and other appliances that run strictly on electricity. The Green Building Electrification Ordinance will force all new residential and commercial developments to comply with new regulations that limit the use of natural gas lines for major appliances.

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