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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Morton, IL?

Morton dumpster rental prices can be affected by many factors such as travel distance to and from the landfill, type of material, material dumping costs, possible municipal franchise fees, and permits. Morton dumpster prices range from $443 for a 10 yard dumpster up to $853 for a 30 yard dumpster. See below for a full list of Morton dumpster costs:

Pricing updated on Feb 27, 2024 21:03:33

Dumpster SizeLow End*High End*
10 Yard Household$431$673
10 Yard Construction$423$674
10 Yard Concrete**$501$673
15 Yard Household$482$728
15 Yard Construction$495$738
15 Yard Concrete**$524$683
20 Yard Household$523$770
20 Yard Construction$536$781
20 Yard Concrete**$555$694
30 Yard Household$601$854
30 Yard Construction$631$863
40 Yard$679$916

*The dumpster pricing above reflects the actual costs of dumpsters rented in the Morton area. Current landfill tipping costs range from $65 per ton to $93 per ton or $11 per yard to $18 per yard. Use our dumpster rental calculator to estimate the size roll off you’ll need for your household or construction project, then call us to receive your exact Morton dumpster costs. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

**Concrete can be disposed of at no additional cost, however, there are factors that will cause disposal fees. These factors include the dumpster containing any other types of debris such as dirt, rebar and construction or household materials as well as access to a recycling facility in the area. For more information, please call us.

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Quality of Life in Morton

Morton offers one thing more than anything to its residents: high quality of life. Quality of life is the key to good governance. Morton is located in the heartland of Illinois and America. The city has well over sixteen thousand residents that have excellent public schools and is a great place to raise a family. Nightlife is very good and housing valued above the national average with a one hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars mean home value. The economy is well structured on a reasonable cost of living and a strong average household income that is above the national average.

Mortons Growing Economy

Morton grew out of settlers from Europe, New York, and even Ohio to become a successful early settlement. The business community grew but was accelerated in 1877 by the opening of the Rapp Brick and Tiles Works a family business that produced bricks and special tiles for drainage that was in great demand in the wet and marshy environment of the midwest. In the Nineteenth Century, Morton again benefited from its business-friendly community with the canning plant that earned Morton the nickname of ‘The Pumpkin Capital of the World.’ By the 1950s, Morton again benefited from the presence of another major corporation: Caterpillar, Inc, which also served to generated demand for Interstate 74 to serve the company’s trade and shipping. Today the Worldwide Parts and Distribution Center in Morton is Caterpillar’s largest such facility in the world. The Center handles more than 375,000 part numbers, and orders can be processed and shipped anywhere in the world within hours.

Today, Morton continues to grow. In 2016 and 2017, the average income in Morton was over seventy-six thousand dollars, which grew at a rate of almost five percent to a median income just under seventy-seven thousand dollars today, which is above the national average and considerable considering the lower cost of living in rural Illinois. The population is growing at a rate of about three percent and home prices and ownership exceed the national average and each household has an average of two cars. In short, Morton can be a great place to invents in a home or business.

Building in Morton

If you are building in Morton, don’t forget to get a great dumpster bin with Easy Dumpster Renal. Another consideration is to check for government support for certain projects in the Morton Business District. One great possibility for expanding businesses is the Morton Building Improvement Grant Program. The purpose of the Building Improvement Grant Program is to improve the community through grants that will help improve the community through commercial improvements. These grants are available for exterior improvements as well as some internal improvements. External improvement, such as painting or cleaning brick can receive grants up to ten thousand dollars. What if you are working on your interior? You can receive up to five thousand dollars for your improvements. If you are a business and would like to improve your signage you can also receive a grant up to five thousand dollars.

You may be looking at your business and imagining the possibilities but be wondering how to apply. Morton Business District Fund finances the Morton Building Improvement Grant and accepts monthly applications for review. Residents can also pick up a Morton Building Improvement Grant application form at the Morton Economic Development Council office at 415 West Jefferson Street, Morton and returned to the Morton City Hall by the fifteenth of a given month to be considered by the upcoming meeting of the Business District Development and Redevelopment Commission meeting.

Going Green with a Dumpster in Morton

Easy Dumpster Rental is here to help you with any building project from home improvement to new construction with small bins that start at $299 and large bins that can handle five tons of your roughest debris. When you do rent from Easy Dumpster Rental, remember to be green. Easy Dumpster Rental will help you keep your hazardous waste from your dumpster. The Village of Morton also works with Tazewell County’s Health Department to celebrate Earth day and receive electronic waste (smartphones, cell phones, inc cartridges, gold and platinum jewelry, smartwatches, and tablets), which can be brought to Morton Village Hall, 120 North Main Street in Morton.


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