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Be suspicious when you see a rolling bin rental price that seems just too good. These seemingly great offers are really phony because they are based on what is called “variable rates.” Variable rates start very low but the grow as new costs as the project goes on, until your final bill is not the one that you started with. But at Easy Dumpster Rental you always get solid, up-front, honest rates that you can bank on.

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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Keeping Central Town Beautiful

Central Town has an incredible history that residents and the City work to restore and protect. The City of Central Town works to protect the historic character of its buildings, neighborhoods, and landmarks from inappropriate alterations, incompatible new construction, as well as outright demolition. this is done through the preservation commission, the designation of historic resources, and city ordinances that are all established to protect the History of Central Town.

Keeping Central Town beautiful does not just occur at the government level. Each of us plays a role in keeping Central Town beautiful whenever we endeavor to work on a new project. Whether you are landscaping your home or business, cleaning your home or facility, renovating a home or business with a beautiful facade, or building a new home or business, we each contribute to the ambiance and character of the community.

And when you do venture out on your next project, be sure sure to get an Easy Dumpster Rental bin. Easy Dumpster Rental does not just give you the best price, guaranteed, they also ensure that you will get the best dumpster service. Service is important because it makes your project go very smoothly or with headaches and holdups. If you want to pay less and get service, that is a catalyst for your project so you can successfully improve your home or business and your community.

How to Rent a Great Easy Dumpster Rental Bin?

When you rent a great dumpster bin, it is important to remember your local resources. Easy Dumpster Rental works with its clients to make sure that every facility is being used to make your project a success. In the case of Central Town and Pickens County, there are several recycling facilities that can take any extra waste that you have during your project.

  • Drop-off facility on West A Avenue behind the City Hall building.
  • The Pope Field Road Recycling Station is at 801 Pope Field Road in Easley.
  • The Best Pac Recycling Station is located at 2630 Farr’s Bridge Road in Easley.
  • The Willow Springs Recycling Station is located at 127 Willow Springs Road in Six Mile.
  • North Old Pendleton facility is located at 1151 North Old Pendleton Road in Liberty.
  • The Chastain Road drop-off facility is located at 600 in Chastain.
  • The Dacusville Recycling Station at 190 Raxter Drive in Easley.
  • The Table Rock Recycling Station on Back Park Road in Pickens.
  • The Midway Recycling Station on highway 178 in Pickens.
  • The Pickens County Landfill is located at 2043 Old Liberty Road in Liberty.
What Items Will Be Accepted at Recycling Stations?
  • Aluminum and steel cans, as well as aerosol cans, are accepted (note: it is not necessary to remove labels, but you should rinse and flatten cans before bringing them to the recycle station).
  • Antifreeze is accepted (note: antifreeze must be placed in a special container at each recycle station).
  • Batteries including auto, marine, and lawn mower batteries are accepted.
  • Household trash is accepted (note: items should be bagged and placed in the recycling station compactor.
  • Clothing is accepted at all recycling stations, and there is a Miracle Hill donation box set up at the Easley Recycling Station for any clothes in good condition that are reusable.
  • Plastic bottles and jugs with a recycling label (note: containers should be rinsed, but labels can remain).
  • Blue, brown, and clear glass bottles and jars, rinsed with lids removed (note: labels may be left on glass items).
  • Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office papers, telephone books, catalogs, paperback books, and egg cartons are all acceptable at recycling stations as well as gift wrap paper and tissue wrap. Hardback books are also accepted, but must be removed from the backs (only the paper is recyclable). Cardboard, pasteboard, and paper shopping bags are all recyclable (note: you should flatten boxes).
  • Oil bottles and oil filters are accepted.,
  • Paint is accepted at all recycling stations in specially designated areas (note: cans with rusted lids and cans less than half full, are not accepted).
  • Shredded paper is accepted and can be left in a bag.
  • Tires are accepted.
What Items Are Not Accepted at Recycling Stations?
  • Pesticides, brake fluid, and chemicals are not accepted at recycling stations.
  • Dead animals are not accepted and instead should be taken to the landfill, where they will be processed at no charge.
    Burnt Trash is not accepted.
  • Large tires (e.g., tandem truck tires, road tractors tires, and farm tractors tires) are not accepted at recycling stations but are accepted at the Pickens County Landfill.
  • Cross ties and creosote-treated lumber are not accepted at recycling stations but are accepted at the Pickens County Landfill.
  • Shingles, concrete, blocks, and bricks must be processed at the landfill.
  • Asbestos is not accepted in any form.
  • Pottery, china porcelain, dinnerware, window, door,s and picture frame glass can be placed into the compactor at any recycling station.
  • Aluminum foil and pie plates are not recyclable and can be placed in your container or household garbage bin.
  • Lage trailers and commercial vehicles full of water must go to the landfill.
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