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Dumpster Rental Pricing in Bountiful is Based on Many Different Factors
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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Renting a Bin in Bountiful

A city like Bountiful, with great businesses and housing, is a great place to work on your next project. If you are working on a big project, like building your next home or expanding your business, be sure to get a great construction bin from Easy Dumpster Rental. Our construction bins are the most sturdy in the industry and are rented at the guaranteed lowest prices. Additionally, if you are working on a mid-sized project, like renovating your home or working on your business, try a twenty or thirty-cubic yard bin that can hold from two to three tons of debris and is a perfect tool.

But what if you are working on a small project, like cleaning your home, landscaping, or having an outdoor event? Many people overlook getting a bin because they think it will be a hassle. But small bins can hold one ton of debris and start for less than three hundred dollars. This tool can be a great way to speed up your projects so that you can do more each year until your home or business becomes one great project.

The Bountiful City Landfill

Easy Dumpster Rental is not just a dumpster bin rental company, we are experts in waste disposal. We work with our customers to advise on everything you need to save money on your project and make use of all of your local resources. One such resource is the local landfill. In Bountiful, you can access the Bountiful City Landfill. You might want to use a landfill for several reasons. For example, you may have extra waste that cannot fit into your container.

To avoid fees, it might be a good idea to take a load into your local landfill. In other cases, you might have bulk times that take up too much space, such as a mattress, couch, or table, that is better taken into the landfill than taking up space in a bin. Whatever your situation, the Bountiful Landfill can be a great resource for your next project. Be sure to bring proof of residency to the site when you visit. The following rates apply:

  • Regular waste has a five-dollar fee at the Bountiful City Landfill. After that, a small load will cost five dollars per load, medium loads cost ten dollars per load, and fifteen dollars for large loads. If you have refrigerant-containing items, the cost is twenty dollars per unit, and mattresses and box springs are processed for fifteen dollars per unit.
  • Compost can be disposed of for about thirty-five dollars per ton and wood chips are disposed of for twenty-five dollars per ton. You can also buy wood chips from the landfill if you contact the site one-half hour prior to your visit.
  • Green can often be created from landscaping projects or even other projects in which green waste is not anticipated. Small trucks, carloads, or trailers full of green waste may be processed for five dollars per load. If you have a medium-sized truck or trailer, you may process your load for ten dollars. And a large truckload of green waste will cost fifteen dollars.

Please note that the Landfill does not accept hazardous waste, liquids, propane tanks, barrels or drums, tires (shredded tires are accepted), industrial waste, infectious waste, or asbestos. The bountiful Landfill is located t 1300 West 1600 North in West Bountiful.

Bountiful: The Garden Spot of Utah

In the mid-1900s, Perrigrine Sessions and his family moved about nine miles north of the newly established Mormon settlement of Salt Lake City. There he camped and traveled beyond the Hot Springs to find feed for his flocks and herds. Here he constructed a dugout with skins for a roof and wintered, he and his family being the sole occupants of the place until the spring of 1848, and eventually constructed a dugout. This made him the founder of Utah’s second settlement and the first white man to make a home in what we now know as Davis County.

The town was first known as Sessions’ Settlement, but with the ecclesiastical designation of North Canyon Ward, it was officially named Bountiful, a fitting name for what was even then called the garden spot of Utah.

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