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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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Gulf Breeze on the Sea, Recycling and Enviroment Info

Located on the Panhandle of Florida, Gulf Breeze sits on the Fairpoint Peninsula overlooking the Pensacola Bay. The city is well situated on the bay with waterfront property that stretches for over eighteen miles. The Gulf Breeze waterfront also includes over one hundred acres of public park property that relieves the high-density development that is typical of most Florida coastlines. The City also offers a boat launch and three bayous for everything from kayaking to fishing.

Recycling in Gulf Breeze and Santa Rosa County

If you rent a rollaway dumpster for a project, a great trick to save money is to hold back recyclable items that can be disposed of for free to save space in your container for regular waste. There are several facilities in Santa Rosa in which residents of Gulf Breeze deposit recyclable waste:

  • Baars Softball Field has a facility located at 12950 Gulf Beach Highway, Pensacola.
  • ECUA Ellyson Campus at 9255 Sturdevant Street, Pensacola (receives recycling and also has a facility to drop-off grease and cooking oils).
  • Escambia High School, located at 1310 N. 65th Avenue, Pensacola.
  • Ever’man’shas a facility at 315 West Garden Street (also accepts cooking oil).
  • The Ferry Pass Fire Station, located at 2331 E. Johnson Avenue, Pensacola.
  • John R. Jones Athletic Park, located at 555 E. Nine Mile Road, Pensacola.
  • Molino Fire Station, which is at 1459 Molino Rd, Molino.
  • The Oak Grove Convenience Center in McDavid at 745 County Road 99.
  • Perdido Landfill has a drop-off and is located at 13009 Beulah Road, Cantonment.
  • The UF/IFAS Extension Office is situated at 3740 Stefani Road, Cantonment.

The County of Santa Rosa recycles the following items:

  • Paper products are recyclable including office paper (white or colored) newspaper (as well as those inserts), magazines mail and the beloved junk mail, phone books, paper bags, and brown grocery bags.
  • Cardboard may be recycled along with boxes for cereal and cakes and other things, pizza boxes, and cardboard egg cartons.
  • Cans and lids made of aluminum and tin, metal pots and pans, and cookie sheets.
  • Plastics (types one through seven) including milk containers, bottles, and other containers.
  • Glass can be recycled (all colors accepted).
  • Plastic milk jugs, bottles, and containers.

It is also important to know what not to recycle so that inappropriate items are not brought to the recycling centers. The following items may NOT be recycled:

  • Construction debris.
  • Yard waste.
  • Any kind of food waste.
  • Aerosol cans.
  • Plastic bags or bubble wrap.
  • Ice cream cartons or waxy milk cartons.
  • Pet food cans or empty bags of dry food.
  • Aluminum foil baking pans or tin foil balls or foil pie tins.
  • Garden hoses.
  • Window blinds.
  • Tarps, bedding, linens, or clothing, carpets, or rugs.
  • Diapers, medical supplies or medical waste.
What are the Most Energy Efficient Products for the Environment?

Gulf Breeze is a very environmentally conscious community that promotes recycling and protection of green spaces. But how can those of us in Gulf Breeze also promote environmentalism in our private life and personal decisions? One way is that if you are building a house, equipping rental units, or just buying an appliance, you may want to buy equipment that will produce the least amount of pollution.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps us do this by identifying elite produces with its ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018 distinction that rewards models that advance innovative technologies for energy efficiency. Products that are specified include:

  • Refrigerators.
  • Washing machines (for clothing) and dryers.
  • Dishwashers.
  • Ventilating fans and ceiling fans.
  • Heating and cooling systems.
  • Dehumidifiers.
  • Windows and sliding doors.
  • Computers and monitors.
  • Printers and copiers.
  • Lighting systems and light bulbs.
  • Televisions, from standard television to large, high definition flat screen TVs, which can save an average twenty-seven percent on energy usage.

These energy efficient products also save money that can add up over time to real cash for households and will generate scalable monetary gains for holders of multiple rental properties and homebuilders.

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