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Solid Waste, Recycling and Other Interesting Facts on Oak Park

Oak Park from 1830 to Today

Oak Park Village began in the 1830s with settlements and has grown are a village just nine miles west of Chicago that increasingly benefited from its location as railroads and the use of cars developed until today, where it is a prosperous village with over fifty thousand residents. It is now a great place for conventions and conferences with an exciting community and the world’s largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

Oak Park Village Solid Waste

The Village of Oak Park notes that it works to minimize challenges to the environment and rising disposal costs through its solid waste disposal program. Accordingly, the village services residents with five units or less, while larger multifamily and commercial properties must arrange for self-hauling.

Recycling Guidelines

Every municipality has special guidelines for recycling and disposal of hazardous waste that conforms to waste disposal collection methods and recycling systems. These guidelines are important to note for residents of the Village that are simply deposing of their household waste or if you are renting a dumpster bin container and need to conform to waste disposal requirements. Recyclable items include the following:

  • Glass bottles and jars (remember to rinse and removing lids).
  • Steel, aluminum, and other metal cans, alumina foil, empty paint cans, and empty aerosol cans.
  • Plastics (e.g. plastic bottles, milk jugs, detergents, narrow neck bottles such as cleaners, many hygiene containers, margarine tubes, those rings on six-packs of cans, ketchup, syrup with narrow necks).
  • Paper products (e.g. books, telephone books, magazines, newspapers, office paper, wrapping paper, and brown bags from your grocer).
  • Cardboard including things like cereal boxes, and corrugated cardboard that is cut into pieces and flattened.
How to Dispose of Plastic Bags

Disposing of your plastic bags: For many of us, it seems that recycling plastic bags is a normal thing because we recycle much of our plastics. However, plastic bags tend to get caught in machinery that separate recycling. Instead, plastic bags can be recycled at local grocery stores, which can be found at the Plastic Film Recycling Website or at the Animal Care League, 1013 Garfield Street.

Cleaning Oak Park Alleys

One way to keep beautiful communities clean is by organizing local cleaning efforts. In Oak Park, the Keep Oak Park Beautiful committee helps neighborhoods organize such events by providing a cleanup event kit that offers:

  • Materials for event organization and a list of safety procedures for participants.
  • Ten plastic trash bags and ten disposable gloves.
  • Ten refuse stickers (pink) and an equal number of yard waste stickers (green).
  • Safety tape to cordon off an ally.
  • An evaluation form to report the results of the event.

The Keep Oak Park Beautiful committee also monitors each program with reports that can be found at Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Door Service

It is important to recycle certain items and safely dispose of other items that are hazardous to the environment and threaten public health. One challenge is that many people do not have time or knowledge to dispose of their hazardous waste, such as chemicals, cleaners, or electronics, and simply throw these dangerous items in the regular garbage where they then end up in landfills. One solution offered by the Village is the “At Your Door Service.” This service is available to residents in single-family homes and buildings with five or fewer units. Through this program, the Village will pick up a range of hazardous items including:

  • Chemicals for gardens.
  • Automotive fluids.
  • Paint produces.
  • Cleaners used in the household.
  • Electronics, or white goods, such as television, printers, smartphones, computers, and fax machines.

Getting your door collection is easy. First, contact the Village at 800-449-7587 to request a collection and set a date. Residents may also go to the service page at www.WMATYOURDOOR.com to request and schedule a collection. Residents are then sent a collection kit by mail with a plastic bag, tie, labels, and instructions. Participants need only follow the instructions and then on the prearranged day, a waste management representative will come to the resident’s home to inspect and collect the hazardous waste.

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