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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Transfer Station in Suffolk, VA

Suffolk was founded in 1742 and has 85,000 residents. The city is a major hub for the processing of peanuts. The Abstract painter, Judith Godwin and Supreme Court Justice, Lewis F. Powell were born in Suffolk.
Suffolk is a city in the state of Virginia. The transform station in the city receives solid waste from residents and public haulers. The location of the station is listed below.
1 Bob Foeller Drive,
Suffolk, VA 23434
Phone 961-3683
Hours of Operation
Tuesday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturday through Monday, CLOSED
Read the residential disposal guideline for items accepted at the station.

Recycling in Suffolk

The City of Suffolk as partnered with TFC Recycling to provide residents with weekly curbside collection of recyclables. A fee of $60 if required for the 95-gallon recycling container. Bins should be placed at the curb by 7 am on collection day. View the 2016 TFC Recycling calendar to find out about the collection schedule for your area.
Recyclables include items such as:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Cardboard
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Junk mail
  • Steel/tin cans
  • Glass bottles

Items That Should Not Be Recycled Include:

  • Anti-freeze container
  • Ceramics
  • Hazardous waste containers
  • Binders
  • Dishes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Light bulbs
  • Motor oil containers
  • Pesticide containers
  • Mirrors
  • Paint cans

Hazardous Waste Disposal Suffolk

Suffolk residents may take hazardous waste to the transfer station at 1 Bob Foeller Drive. Waste should be transported to the facility in a private car, van, station wagon, automobile, or any a pickup truck. The facility does not accept commercial HHW. Businesses are required to dispose of waste safely using the services of commercial waste disposal companies. Disposal per visit should not be more than 75 pounds.
Below is a short-list of HHW:

  • Furniture Strippers
  • Cooking Oil
  • Ant Poisons
  • Cockroach Poisons
  • Mercury Thermometers
  • Motor Oil
  • Adhesives & Glue
  • Fuel Additives
  • Herbicides
  • Lighter Fluid

Bulk waste Disposal

The special waste collection provided by the city allows residents to dispose of hazardous waste. Items should be placed at the curb no later than 7 am on refuse collection day. Each resident receives 12 special collections of up to 8 cubic yards (6’X6’X6’) yearly.  View the Bulk Pickup Brochure, please for more information on bulk waste collection.

Yard Waste

Yard waste should be laced in clear bags and place by the curb for collection. Please contact the Sanitation Office at (757) 514- 7630 for more information.

Unclutter Your Garages And Basements And Free Up Some Space

Most of us are hoarders. We hang on to stuff that we will never use in a million years. We have tons of materials scattered throughout our homes. In our garages, basements, dens or rec rooms, and outdoor sheds.

There may be thousands of reasons we hold onto these items but if we took the time to go through all the clutter we could find many items that could be put to better use rather than lying around our homes.

Many of these items could be recycled and given to people who are in dire need of the things we just have no need for anymore. Our closets are filled with clothes and shoes we will never use again and they can be taken to the Goodwill or other organizations that can find someone who needs a suit or dress.

There are, unfortunately, many people in this country who cannot afford to buy new clothes and would be thrilled to get your second-hand clothes. Recycling centers throughout Suffolk would be happy to accept your unused items and find a needy family to give these articles to.

You may have a kitchen full of pots and pans that could be reused or a den full of old books that a library or school would love to have. And Easy Dumpster Rental is here to help you transfer your old junk to a recycling center or to the local Goodwill.

We have bin rentals that are ideal for hauling away your old stuff and it is a lot more practical and less expensive than using, borrowing, or renting a pick up truck. Our 10-yard bin, for example, is equivalent to 4 pick up trucks worth of debris. So, we can make one trip for you an get the job done without wasting your time or money.

And it’s easy to order a dumpster-container form us. Just pick up the phone, tell the sales team member would you would like to do and in a flash, we will give you a quote and the lowest prices on rolloff-dumpsters in Suffolk to dispose of your recyclables. Just let us know when you would like us to drop off the bin-canister and when you would like it picked up.

We promise on-time delivery and pick up. Recycling is the best possible solution and not only will you feel good about helping someone else out and cut down on the amount of waste this is being transported to our already overcrowded landfills, but you will also be contributing to the economy.

Recycling creates hundreds of thousands of jobs every year in America and pumps billions of dollars into our financial markets. So it is a win-win situation for all concerned. So get busy, clean out that garage or shed and help those who need it the most. If you have any questions about our company, please visit our FAQ page for some helpful answers.

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