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Miccosukee and the Miccosukee Tribe, Recycling and Solid Waste

The town of Miccosukee is located in an area that was originally inhabited by the Miccosukee tribe of Native Americans. The Miccosukee Tribe grew out of the Creek Confederacy and has maintained a unique heritage and identity from the Seminole Tribes. Miccosukee was inhabited by the Miccosukee Tribe since the late 18th Century and was the likely the largest town in Florida prior to its destruction during the First Seminole War in 1818. The city later developed as an agricultural community with plantations and prospered from the Florida Central Railroad.

The Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway

Open green spaces are a thing of pride for those blessed to live in Miccosukee. Through the Trust for Public Land project, over five hundred acres was purchased in Leon County and the Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway was established, offering seventeen miles of trails full of woodlands and open pastures that locals and visitors alike love to hike. The Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway and other parks, such as the J.R. Alford Greenway, are managed by the Leon County Public Works Division of Parks and Recreation, which is located at 2280 Miccosukee Road in Tallahassee.

What Can I Recycle in Leon County?

Leon County uses a single-stream recycling system in which all recyclables can be put in one container. But many residents are not quite sure exactly what can and cannot be placed in a recycling bin. Some of the items are obvious, like newspapers, but others are less apparent. As follows is a lost of recyclables in Miccosukee and Leon County:

  • Acceptable plastics include plastic bottles and cups and milk and juice containers (with caps removed). Also, acceptable items include containers for yogurt, butter tubes, takeout cartons, TV dinner trays, bottles for laundry detergent and shampoo and empty kitchen and bathroom cleaning bottles.
  • Many paper products can be recycled including plain collared, and shredded paper, greeting cards, catalogs, mail, newspaper, magazines, book, phonebooks, and even sticky notes.
  • Cardboard items that can be recycled include bottles for detergent and cleaning, shipping boxes, cereal boxes, egg cartons, clean pizza boxes, frozen food cardboard containers, and even toilet paper rolls.
  • Metal in some cases can be recycled, such as empty tin, aluminum, and steel cans and containers for vegetables, soda, coffee, and even your dog food cans.
  • Glass bottles and jars that come in all colors and, unlike plastics, can include lids.

Items that man NOT be included in Leon County recycling:

  • Plastics including plastic bags, foam, utensils, straws, buckets, pails, cat litter and plant pots, laundry hampers, syringes, and closet hangers.
  • Napkins, paper towels, milk cartons, juice cartons, and tissues and tissue paper.
  • A number of metal items are not accepted s recycling such as wire clothing hangers, extension cords, propane cylinders, electronics, aerosol cans, kitchen knives, forks, pans and pots, and many random metal objects (e.g. electric motors, brake rotors, and auto parts).
  • Glass in the form of broken glass, light bulbs, and ceramic items.
  • Additional items that should not be recycled include white goods, medical waste, your old VHS tapes, clothing and blankets, and your old water hose on the lawn.
Where to Go to Recycle in Leon County

If you are renting a dumpster, you may wish to separate recyclables from your container. One question that you may have is: where can I recycle? Leon County offers a number of sites called Publicly Accessible Recycling Multi-Centers. Leon’s Centers can receive all single-stream recycling and include the following locations:

  • The Renaissance Building, which is located at 435 N. Macomb Street.
  • St. John’s Episcopal Bookstore, located at 131 N. Calhoun Street.
  • Four Points by Sheraton at 316 W Tennessee Street.
  • Miccosukee Rural Waste Service Center, which can be found at 13051 Miccosukee Road.
  • Black Dog Café, located at 229 Lake Ella Drive.
  • Woodville Rural Waste Service Center at 549 Henry Jones Road.
  • Hilaman Golf Course, located at 2737 Blair Stone Road.
  • Leon County Solid Waste Management Facility, which is situated at 7550 Apalachee Parkway.
  • Ft. Braden Rural Waste Service Center, located at 2485 E. Joe Thomas Road.
  • Tallahassee Solid Waste Services Office located at 2727 Municipal Way.

Many items that cannot be disposed of at the above recycling centers may be taken to the Hazardous Waste Center at 7550 Apalachee Parkway.

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