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Solid Waste and other Quick Facts on Woodville in Northern Florida

Woodville, Florida is a small community with about three thousand inhabitants, as of 2010. It is located in Leon County, which is the home of Tallahassee and runs along the northern border with Georgia. Woodville, however, is located south of Tallahassee and near the southern border of the county. It is also the natural place in which the beautiful St. Marks River moves from the above-ground through a sinkhole to flow underground.

The Benefits of Transfer Stations

The Concept of a transfer station is one that has been well received as a model in which to slightly reduce the footprint made by waste disposal. Part of the Reason that transfer stations have had some success is waste is increasingly sorted and shipped to different locations. For example, the disposal of recyclable goods, tires, municipal waste, and asbestos and other categories often can require separate processing. The transfer station allows the items to be sorted in a remote location (or locations) that is closer to the collection points. It is then shipped to the appropriate processing facility, such as a landfill, waste-to-energy facility, recycling facility, or hazardous waste processing facility. Accordingly, the U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) notes a number of advantages to the environment:

  • Transfer stations reduce road traffic. If every person and disposal truck must go to the landfill to be processed, a great deal of traffic emerges as an unintended consequence. Transfer stations erect remote locations for waste to be sorted and then shipped more efficiently by trucks to the landfill or other facilities.
  • Transfer stations enable experts on the front line of waste disposal to decide which form of waste can go to each type of facility. This process is often more effective. For example, some landfills will process waste that is more efficiently disposed of at the local waste-to-energy facility and vice versa. Hence, strategic sorting of waste can optimize the appropriate methods of waste disposal.
  • Increased road traffic is problematic for the roads and air pollution; but what about traffic at disposal facilities? By sorting the waste at the transfer station and placing it on larger trucks that are directed to the right facility from the start, the number of vehicles at disposal facilities is diminished, which greatly reduces the wear and tear on waste management facilities and staff.
  • Transfer stations are also more convenient for citizens that wish to dispose of waste. Although most residents of Woodville and Leon County willingly work to dispose of waste properly, the convenience of transfer stations can catalyze the public use of these stations and the proper disposal of waste. This may be the case even for someone renting a dumpster, in which it may be tempting to place recycling or even special waste in the dumpster container (if pre-approved). But if there is a nearby transfer station, recycling can easily be taken to the station, making room for construction debris, yard waste, municipal waste, and other materials that are appropriate for regular disposal.
Leon County Transfer Station

The Leon County Transfer Station follows the EPA’s proposed benefits for waste management. When trucks come into the transfer station, the waste is tipped and sorted and then loaded on over fifty-foot-long tractor-trailers that transport the waste to the Springhill Regional Landfill in Cambelton. The Station also has a Drop-Off Center for residents to bring in their household garbage. The facility accepts the following categories of waste:

  • Municipal waste.
  • Clean yard waste and wood debris (do not place in plastic bags).
  • Electronics.
  • Recycling.
  • Household hazardous waste (accepted at no charge).

The Leon County Transfer Station processes about one hundred truckloads of waste daily and is located twenty acres of land on Capital Circle SW and Bum Road Intersection. The facility itself is impressive, with a forty-foot high ceiling and over twenty-five thousand square feet for processing waste. It is open on weekdays from three in the morning until four-thirty in the afternoon and on Saturday form eight in the morning until eleven thirty in the morning.

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