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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Shorewood’s Great Natural and Economic Environment

There are many things that make a strong real estate market, such as schools, home values, the economy, and other factors. But one of the most understated factors of home values is simply the quality of life that a city has to offer. Located along the winding Dupage River, Shorewood has seventeen parks. On the river itself, residents may enjoy the West Shore Park, the Little Coyote Park, the Shorewood Park, Seil Road Park, and the River Crossing Park, which offers green space and trails to its residents. On the west side of the city, the Cene’s Four Seasons Park offers a number of trails and amenities of residents of Shorewood and local neighborhoods. Ther are also several beautiful preserves near Sorhwood Park, including The Calvin Grove Preserve and the Rock Run Preserve, which leads up the Rock Running Greenway Trail of wetlands to the pristine Theodore Marsh.

In addition to the beauty of Shorewoods quality of life, there are many other reasons to live in Shorewood. The city is located at the strategic intersection of the Interstates 80 and 55 that offer it great access to the economy of Chicago, which can be accessed in just forty minutes. The importance of schools cannot be overstated, and Shorewood has some of the best schools in the area, most notably the Minooka Community High School, the Troy Hoefer Elementary School, Troy Middle Schoool, Walnut Trails Elementary School, and Troy Craughwell School. The median household income is over one hundred thousand dollars per household on average–almost twice the national average–and offers fuel for the economy and housing prices. Almost ninety percent of residents own their own homes, which on average have a median value in excess of two hundred and forty-seven thousand dollars.

Money For Economic Development

Shorewood is determined not to rest on its laurels and instead works to create economic development through taxpayer incentives to business development. If you are considering expanding your business or starting a new business, it is important to consider the economic development possibilities. Here are a few critical economic development programs that may support your business expansion or startup:

  • The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Office of Business Development: The Office of Business Development under the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) offers a range of services and programs to help businesses function and even thrive in the new economy. The Program works most actively with minority-owned enterprises and offers resources to grow and expand existing businesses.
  • The Will County Tax Abatement Program is designed to offer abatements for real estate taxes to incentivize new businesses or retained businesses. Will County evaluates cases individually using a weighted process to assess each application and rewards tax abatements up to fifty percent for improvements over the past three to five years.
  • Illinois Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit is a state program that offers incentives for small businesses through the Illinois Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit. The Program makes available taxpayer funds in the amount of two thousand and five hundred dollars in the form o fa tax credit to qualifying employers that hire new employees over a twelve-month period.
  • The Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit Program (EDGE): The EDGE Program is designed to offer a special tax incentive to encourage companies to locate or expand operations in Illinois when there is active consideration of a competing location in another State. The program can provide tax credits to qualifying companies, equal to the amount of state income taxes withheld from the salaries of employees in the newly created jobs. The non- refundable credits can be used against corporate income taxes to be paid over a period not to exceed 10 years
  • The High Impact Business (HIB) Program tailored to promote large economic development projects. The Program supports these efforts through tax incentives that can be found in most enterprise zones for projects that make significant investments in operations that generate and retain jobs.

For more information visit the Village of Shorewood at One Towne Center Boulevards in Shorewood.

Get a Dumpster Bin for Your Next Project

As you evaluate the economy and evidence of good markets in Shorewood, you may be driven to expand your business, renovate your home, or even build a new home or start a new business. While it is normal to think about many ideas that do not involve waste disposal, be sure you find a great dumpster bin rental company to get rid of the waste that any project produces. Easy Dumpster Rental offers great commercial bins for big projects and residential bins to help residents improve their real estate value.

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