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10 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (5 TONS) 10,000LBS

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Landfill and Quick Facts About Sweetwater

Sweetwater is a city in Miami Dade County in Southeast Florida.  The City’s history began when its land was purchased in the 1920s by the Miami-Pittsburgh Land Company for development, which was delayed by 1926 Miami Hurricanes that halted the development project until Clyde Andrews acquired it in 1928.  Sweetwater had its first successful election in 1941.  The City of Sweetwater provides pickup of waste and recycling and residents can also utilize Miami Dade County Trash and Recycling Centers (TRC).


There are two landfills in Miami-Dade County.

  1. The North Dade Landfill is located between NW 47th and NW 57th Avenues.
  2. The South Dade Landfill is located at 23707 SW 97th Ave, Homestead.

Both landfills utilize a leachate collection system and a groundwater monitoring system to contain the waste and the South Dade Landfill also has a synthetic liner system.  The landfills accept the following items:

  • Trash (accepted at both North Dade and South Dade Landfills).
  • Construction and demolition debris (accepted at both North Dade and South Dade Landfills).
  • Tires for off-road use that are forty-eight inches in diameter or larger (accepted at both North Dade and South Dade Landfills).
  • Yard waste (accepted at both North Dade and South Dade Landfills).
  • Bulk items such as furniture and appliances (accepted at North Dade Landfill).
  • Cardboard boxes (accepted at North Dade Landfill).
  • Asbestos (accepted at South Dade Landfill and must be approved for disposal twenty-four hours ahead of the scheduled drop-off).
Neighborhood Trash and Recycling Centers

There are thirteen Neighborhood Trash and Recycling Centers in the County.  The Centers do not accept food and kitchen waste, but in most cases will receive the following items:

  • Household trash.
  • Construction and demolition debris (maximum of three cubic yards).
  • Yard waste.
  • Standard automobile tires (four or less).
  • White goods including refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, washers, dryers, freezers, and other white goods).

Used electronic goods are only accepted by certain centers (Eureka Drive, Golden Glades, Moody Drive, North Dade, Palm Springs North, Sunset Kendall, West Little River, West Perrine) and include the following items:

  • Personal computer, monitors, keyboards, hard drives, and printers.
  • Televisions, VCRs, and audio and video equipment.
  • Communication equipment such as cellular telephones and hand-held radios.

Motor oil is only received at the following centers:

  • Golden Glades.
  • Moody Drive.
  • Snapper Creek.

Additionally, certain centers will not accept certain items:

  • White goods are NOT accepted at Chapman Field, Richmond Heights, and Snapper Creek.
  • Tires are NOT accepted at Chapman Field.
  • Mattresses are NOT accepted at Chapman Field and Richmond Heights.

Calculating the Required Dumpster Bin Size for a Project

Easy Dumpster Rental excels in offering low-cost dumpster bin rentals with high-quality service.  One of their secrets to success is a commitment to efficiency that saves money but does not reduce service quality.  For example, Easy Dumpster Rental also helps each customer get the right dumpster bin for every job so that to avoid any losses from getting a bin that is too big or small.  One way that they do is by offering a variety of easy online tools to help calculate the volume and weight of waste that a project will produce and then identify the required dumpster size.  Customers are welcome to the following online tools:

  1. Easy Dumpster Rental’s conversion tables convert waste volumes from every-day measures such as trash bins, wheelbarrows, or pick-up truckloads and then converted into cubic yards.
  2. The Easy Dumpster Rental Dumpster Calculator then enables clients to enter their material type and the estimated volume to calculate the right dumpster size to handle both the volume and weight.
  3. In addition, Easy Dumpster Rental customers may also use the online estimators. These tables provide even more precise estimates of weights for certain materials such as ceiling, roofing, flooring, ash vault, and many other substances.
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