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Environment, Solid Waste, Landfills in El Portal, “The Gate”

Some refer to the Village of El Portal, which is the Spanish word for “The Gate,” as the modern Garden of Eden because of its pristine subtropical environment and natural habitat in Southeast Florida. The Village was incorporated in 1925 to combine three areas or divisions. They include El Portal, the nature-abundant areas of Sherwood Forest, and El Jardines.

Protecting El Portal’s Habitat

El Portal overflows with natural beauty, wildlife, and biodiversity that is a thing of pride for residents and an allure for visitors. The Village takes care to protect the environment that is an oasis to the endangered Florida manatee and offers a bird sanctuary. The bird sanctuary is made possible by the extensive canopy of trees and natural waters that feed that avian ecosystem. The Women’s and Garden Club, in particular, has contributed to the natural surroundings in El Portal for over one-half century.

How to Dispose of Waste

If you are working on a project in the beautiful village of El Portal, you will want to be sure to collect and properly dispose of all of your waste to maintain the village ambiance. For most of us, this can be achieved by renting a rollaway dumpster bin. Whether your project is s a small home project or large demolition, Easy Dumpster Rental can find the right dumpster for you at a great price.

Landfills Near El Portal

In some cases, however, renting a dumpster will be too much money (even at great rates) or self-hauling might make sense for some other reason. If this is the case, there are three main sites that residents of El Portal can take their trash in Miami-Dade County:

  • The first is the North Dade County Landfill. The landfill commonly accepts items like old furniture, off-road tires, lumber and crates, cardboard, and yard waste, and construction debris. The site has been in operation since 1951 and is located at 21500 NW 47th Ave, Miami.
  • The South Dade County Landfill accepts regular garbage and other forms of waste and has a Home Chemical Collection Center in which hazardous waste that is not normally accepted in dumpsters may be disposed of, and is located at 23707 SW 97th Ave, Homestead.
  • The County also has a Resources Recovery Facility or a waste-to-energy plant that offers modern environmental approaches to waste disposal. The facility is open to private and public haulers and can be found in Doral at 6990 NW 97 Avenue.
The Treasure of the Everglades

El Portal and the rest of Florida are blessed with natural beauty and sub-tropical environmental wonders, one of the most notable of which is Florida’s Everglades. The Everglades is a World Heritage Site that protects almost two thousand and five hundred square miles. The Everglade ecosystem offers fresh and brackish water as well as shallow wading areas and deep waters to host a unique variety of animals, from birds that feed in the bays to reptiles to manatees.

Everglades National Park does more than protect biodiversity; it allows a bridge for people to observe and enjoy the natural beauty. Nature lovers and sports enthusiast can immerse in the vast wilderness and enjoy hiking, boating, camping, slough slogging, and other activities. One unique activity is “geocaching,” in which participants hunt for hidden containers using GPS-powered devises.

Protecting Florida’s Environment

Protecting the Everglades requires monitoring and analyzing the expanse to determine what threatens it and the species that inhabit the area. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is one organization that is tasked with monitoring the Everglades and assessing the ecosystem.

The Everglades Ecosystem Assessment Program (also referred to as Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, or REMAP) takes samples over a two thousand square mile area to inspect the water, fish, plants, and other critical components. REMAP also evaluates program such as the Water Quality Restoration Strategies Agreement, which sets forth a strategic framework between the EPA and the state of Florida reached to improve water quality in the Everglades. Some areas of federal and state strategic consensus include:

  • Limiting phosphorus discharge.
  • Constructing six thousand and five hundred acres of additional Stormwater Treatment Areas.
  • Over one hundred thousand acre-feet area for water storage to release water to Stormwater Treatment Areas.

The EPA also tracks the impact and effectiveness of programs to augment the overall environment of the Everglades and to control mercury levels.

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