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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Industry in Riverdale

Riverdale is located in Cook County with proximity to the City of Chicago. Riverdale has excellent potential for growth, with a promising average age of thirty-six and a population of over thirteen thousand residents. Almost half of the population owns their own homes that are valued at about eighty-two thousand dollars. There are are also several industries in Riverdale that are continuing to drive the economy. The largest employer and industry in Riverdale is found in health care and social assistance, which employs almost one thousand people. The industries that pay the most in Riverdale include finance, which pays over sixty thousand dollars per year on average, insurance providers, real estate (including rental and leasing markets), and followed by information management, which pays over fifty thousand on average.

Making Your Dumpster Bin Cheaper and Greener

When you have a bin from Easy Dumpster Rental, you can quickly get rid of your waste and often save money from the opportunity costs of hauling waste. But Easy Dumpster Rental does advise some minor supplemental self-hauling in certain cases:

  • Single-purpose dumpster bins: In some cases, you may want to rent a dumpster for single-purpose waste. For example, you may want to use your dumpster bin for just construction and demolition debris. In other cases, you may want to process only household waste or yard waste if you are landscaping. Arranging a one-waste-category dumpster has two advantages. First, it is often cheaper to get a specialized dumpster because we can save you money that would be used to separate multiple forms of waste at the disposal site. Instead, the debris goes directly to the relevant processing site. Second, This method is good for the environment. Municipalities, states, the federal government, and industry leaders in the private section are advancing methods to maximize environmental disposal. Specialized construction and demolition debris, for example, can recycle certain items to be used again and, in other cases, repurpose certain items to make things like ash vault.
  • Recycling: A second reason that you may want to self haul some items for the environment. When a bin arrives at a processing facility, recycling must be removed in some way that may not get all of the targeted items, relegating them to the landfill where we don’t want the. Also, recycling is generally free, or at least subsidies and cheap, and in some cases can earn you money on things like metal. But other waste, yard waste, construction and demolition debris, household waste, and so on costs money to process for disposal. Savvy bin renters often take advantage of saving space in their bin by self hauling recycling so that they can get the smallest bin for their job and save money.
  • Excess waste, electronic waste, and hazardous waste: The final areas of self hauling can involve extra debris that cannot fit into your dumpster and things like electronic waste and hazardous waste that is prohibited from your dumpster by law and can result in fees and/or penalties if found.
Where to Take Extra Waste, Recycling, Electonic Waste, and Hazardous Waste

Tri-State Disposal owns and operates a waste transfer station at 13903 South Ashland Avenue in Riverdale. The Transfer Station will accept what it terms “general debris” that includes household waste, bulky items like furniture, and appliances. It also accepts construction debris, tires, yard waste, and heavy debris like brick, concrete, and dirt.

Several private-sector locations can accept electronic waste in Cook County:

  • In Berwyn, IL Cook County residents may go to AE Computers, Ltd. located at 6221 West Roosevelt Road.
  • In Chicago, IL County residents may go to Newtech E-Scrap Recycling located at 3421 W 48th Place.
  • In Maywood, IL County residents may go to American Recycling & Disposal Inc. located at 2100 West Madison Street.
  • In Oak Lawn, IL County residents may go to AVA Electronics / Five Star Electronics located at 9211 South Cicero.
  • In Palos Heights, County residents may go to IL Computer Greeks located at 12222 S Harlem Avenue.
  • In Carol Stream, County residents may go to IL Com2 Recycling Solutions located at 140 East Fullerton.
  • In Pontiac, IL County residents may go to B&K Technology Solutions located at 902 North Hazel.

Additionally, hazardous waste can be taken to the following locations for processing:

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