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10 Yard Dumpster (1 TONS) 2,000LBS

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20 Yard Dumpster (2 TONS) 4,000LBS

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30 Yard Dumpster (3 TONS) 6,000LBS

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40 Yard Dumpster (4 TONS) 8,000LBS

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Build or Renovate Your Home in Prospect Heights

Prospect Hight is a promising place to build or expand your home or business. Those of us living in the Chicago area know that there are a few easy indicators to predict housing values in a village or city.

  • The first economic and housing factor is crime and safety, because security is directly related to our quality of life, and Prospect Heights is hilly rated for deterring crime. There were zero murders over the last years and the rates of robberies, burglaries, general theft, and car theft are generally less than twenty-five percent of the national average, and assaults are less than half as common as is the case nationally.
  • The second factor is the quality of schools. Schools in Prospect Heights are very highly rated, especially Prospect High School and Wheeling High School, which prepare adolescents for college careers.
  • The third factor is the hosing market itself, as homeowners want to know they are buying into a growth market because homes are how many of us expand our asset base over many years. Homes in Prospect Heights are valued at over two hundred and sixty-four thousand dollars, on average, with almost seventy percent of residents living in their own homes. For investors, the median rent over one thousand dollars on average, offering a strong base income for rental properties.
  • The fourth factor is the quality of family life. Over sixty percent of residents have anywhere from some college education to an advanced degree, offering a strong community for young families. Prospect Heights also offers parks, green spaces, and a range of outdoor activities that make it an ideal place to rais a family.

In addition, Prospect Heights offers a relatively easy commute to the local economic powerhouse: the city of Chicago and a good range of restaurants, shops, and entertainment to make for a locally satisfying community.

Expanding Your Business

Real estate is not the only great investment in Prospect heights. Often, a vibrant economy and a strong housing market hunt as a couple. The beauty of the community invites a prosperous environment for business and Prospect Heights enjoys a median income that is over sixty-seven thousand dollars per household, which is over ten thousand dollars more than the national average. In addition, the municipal government of Prospect Heights offers a number of economic development initiatives to foster continued economic development.

  • If you are looking for economic opportunities in the city and the surrounding areas, the City offers a range of information.
  • The City also offers a number of redevelopment programs that create improved economic hubs through the Prospect Heights Redevelopment Committee.
  • Tax Increment Financing is managed by the City and is a great way to get financing for large projects through the government in certain districts.
  • If you are looking for Cook County Economic Development Property Tax Relief Programs the City of Prospect Heights can help you access and benefit from the program. 

For more information contact The Economic/Business Development Committee (EBDC) or visit them at the Village Hall at 8 Prospect Heights.

Get a Dumpster For Your Next Project

Easy Dumpster Rental prides itself as being the best company for small projects and large-scale endeavors. If you are working on your home, they can get you a small dumpster starting at about three hundred dollars for cleaning projects or light renovations to large dumpsters that are the choice of contractors. In the same way, Easy Dumpster Rental treats small businesses and corporations with the same V.I.P treatment. Small businesses find that they love to use dumpsters for small projects that are unusual, such as cleaning up after a Chrismas office party, while large businesses love the Easy Dumpster Rental Dump and Return service that promptly empties a dumpster bin and returns it to the sight.

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